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Chinese Lanterns in Sky

Natural hair remedies is a topic that many people spend a long time researching, and with our natural hair remedies series, we want to tell you what remedies work and what ones don’t.

A huge topic within natural hair remedies is Chinese medicine for hair loss. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that hair growth is closely related to the health of the blood and circulation. It is thought that some traditional Chinese medicine can be effective when treating both hair loss and the underlying condition that causes hair loss.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for hair loss focus on creating balance and harmony in the body by strengthening the blood. Today we’re discussing some of the most popular Chinese medicines that are used to treat hair loss.


Fo-ti is a Chinese herb that is one of the most commonly used historic medicines for hair growth and has also be used to restore the natural pigmentation of the hair. The herb is known to be good for the body and helps to increase blood circulation.

Fo-ti is known for stimulating hair growth and also promoting growth of terminal hairs, rather than the baby-like vellus hair growth which is usually stimulated by hair loss drugs such as minoxidil.


Ginseng is a classic Chinese herb that is now widely used in many health and beauty products in the West. The herb is thought to stimulate blood circulation and promote cell metabolism. Due to its stimulating blood circulation, it is believed that it can increase blood supply to the hair follicle cells. This works to nourish the cells which can lead to new hair growth as well as regenerating damaged hair roots.

(Stinging Nettle)

Xun Ma, also known as Nettle Leaf, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant. In Chinese medicine it is thought to be effective in treating male and female pattern baldness. The extract can be taken from the leaf or roots of the plant and can be used in the forms of tea, extract, supplements, powder and capsules.

Wu Wei Zin

Also called Schizandra or Five Flavoured Berry, Wu Wei Zin is thought to cure baldness. The fruit used for medical purposes is thought to give you soft and silky hair as well as enhancing the quality of the skin and scalp.

Can traditional Chinese medicine stop hair loss?

As we have said with many of the natural hair loss remedies, most of these remedies have not been proven to actually stop hair loss – stopping hair loss all together is very unlikely. However, some of the treatments can help to nourish the health of the hair, which in turn, can make hair look fuller and healthier.

If you would like any information on the hair restoration treatments we offer at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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