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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.

April 12, 2024
8 min read

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant: An Overview of Sylvester’s Hairline

Over the years, many male celebrities have opted for hair transplants after experiencing male pattern baldness. It’s clear that even the most famous names can’t escape this hereditary form of hair balding and thinning, and that includes the action star Sylvester Stallone. Being in the public eye so much, it…

April 10, 2024
9 min read

What is Hair Thickening Shampoo?

Do you have thin or fine hair? If so, you’ve probably scoured the shelves for the best hair thickening shampoo over the years. It makes sense – you want an easy-to-use product that promises your hair will look thicker, fuller, and healthier after just a single use. Are hair thickening…

April 8, 2024
8 min read

Rafael Nadal Hair Transplant: An Overview of Rafael’s Hairline

There has been much speculation over the years surrounding celebrities and hair transplants. Some celebs have posted on social media to confirm that they’ve had the procedure, whereas others are a little more hush about it. Rafael Nadal is on the latter team. So, did Rafael Nadal actually get a hair…

April 3, 2024
9 min read

Can You Get Minoxidil on the NHS?

A sensible step after experiencing hair loss is going to see your GP. A doctor will be able to help you understand the cause of your hair loss and potentially come up with a solution to help regrow the hair. One standard and highly effective hair loss treatment for both men and…

April 1, 2024
8 min read

Can Alopecia be Treated on the NHS?

Alopecia is an emotionally challenging experience for anyone. Losing hair is never easy, no matter your age. There is a ray of hope, though—while there isn’t exactly a cure for baldness, there are plenty of hair restoration treatments, one of which might work wonders for you. If you’re in the…

March 25, 2024
8 min read

Why Does Matt Lucas Have No Hair?

Hair loss is extremely common. By the time men reach the age of forty, they have a 50% chance of experiencing some hair loss. [1] For some, this will have happened gradually over the years. For others, it may come on a little more suddenly. Even with how common hair…

March 23, 2024
8 min read

Alpecin Shampoo: Can It Help Treat Hair Loss?

The idea of an affordable, over-the-counter hair loss treatment that is as easy to use as normal shampoo is undeniably appealing to many, especially considering that androgenetic alopecia affects around 80 million people in the US alone. [1] The question is, does something like that exist? Some would say yes,…

March 21, 2024
8 min read

Steve Carell Hair Transplant: An Overview of Steve’s Hairline

Celebrities often go through procedures to improve their looks. It makes a lot of sense, considering they are often in front of a camera. They want to look their best! One procedure that’s become highly popular over the years is a hair transplant. Long gone are the days when hair…

March 19, 2024
8 min read

Nizoral Shampoo: Can it Help Treat Hair Loss?

Hair loss is an unfortunately common occurrence for millions of men and women all around the globe. It makes sense, then, that people are always on the lookout for an effective, easy-to-use hair loss treatment that produces noticeable results. Introducing: Nizoral shampoo. This article will walk you through exactly what…

March 17, 2024
8 min read

Caffeine Shampoos: Do They Really Work?

If you’ve suffered from hair loss at any point in your life, you’ve probably spent some time researching different hair loss treatment options to help restart growth. You can’t get away from the numerous TV, billboard, and online adverts for the various caffeine shampoos currently on the market. The question…

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