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Pregnancy and your hair

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have. During pregnancy and after you’ll experience a number of different changes with your body, and you’ll hear a lot of different advice from a number of different people.

You’ll hear a lot of advice on how to get your baby into a sleeping routine, the best products to use and even how to get back into shape. Something that is often overlooked is how pregnancy can affect your hair. Today we’re telling you what to expect and how you might be able to combat pre/post pregnancy hair loss.

Hair during pregnancy

When pregnant your hormones will change drastically, and this can cause a lot of changes to your body. Oestrogen is produced in large amounts throughout pregnancy to help suppress the body’s immune system to help the growth and development of the baby. The extra Oestrogen can also affect your blood circulation – this is why during pregnancy you’ll notice changes to your skin as well as extra thick and luscious hair.

Hair loss after pregnancy

Around three to six months after giving birth new mums can experience sudden shedding of the hair. It is completely normal for us to shed hair on a daily basis, however, after childbirth you could notice your hair coming out in clumps, rather than in strands.  This can be quite different from the full, thick and healthy hair experienced throughout your pregnancy.

Throughout pregnancy your hormones will change, as mentioned above they’ll be working overtime and when you give birth, your hormones will begin to normalise. This means the extra oestrogen levels will fall and normalise, this is the reason you’ll notice your hair thinning as the hair follicles enter the resting phase.

After time, your body will return to normal, as will your hormones and the hair loss will stop. Once the hair loss has stopped your hair should go back to normal and your hair growth cycle will be the same pre-pregnancy.

The best advice we can give you is, do not worry. The hair loss you’ll notice after pregnancy is completely normal and after time your hair will return to normal.

If you would like more information on hair loss or our hair restoration procedures, please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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