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Pumpkin Seed oil

People are always on the lookout for the magical ingredient that makes their hair stronger and healthier than ever. One possible contender? Pumpkin seed oil.

What is Pumpkin Seed Oil?

Pumpkin seed oil comes directly from pumpkin seeds and offers a broad variety of health benefits. It’s often used as a cooking oil to provide a delicious nutty flavour to dishes, but it can also be taken as a supplement or found as oil in beauty products. Its health benefits come from the fact it’s so rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins. With it being so rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3, essential fatty acids, vitamin K, and vitamin C, it’s no wonder it has some powerful effects – especially for those who may have those nutritional deficiencies.

In particular, people have used pumpkin seed oil for hair health and growth, with a lot of science to back up its benefits!

5 Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil for the hair

So, what can pumpkin seed hair oil actually do for the hair? It has a range of incredible benefits – using pumpkin seed oil regularly will surely help you achieve thicker, shinier, and healthier hair.

#1: It Boosts Shine

Everyone wants shiny hair – it looks lustrous and healthy! The good news is that the fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil contribute to that undeniable hair shine. Use it regularly, and you’ll see real results that make you feel like you’re always having a great hair day.

Pumpkin Seed oil shiny hair

#2: It Can Change Hair Colour

Are you looking for a natural method for changing your hair colour? While pumpkin seed oil can’t compare to actual hair dyes, its orange tone can give you a natural-looking red hue. For those who like warmer tones, it’s a great addition to their hair care routine.

#3: It Can Thicken Hair

Most people would love at least slightly thicker locks, and pumpkin seed oil provides just that. Over time, pumpkin seed oil thickens the hair strands thanks to the fact it is packed to the brim with vitamins and antioxidants. Keep in mind it usually takes around 24 weeks to see optimal results of this.

#4: It Can Reduce the Signs of Damage

Excessive use of heat, chemicals, and dyes can damage your hair over time, even leading to breakage. The topical use of pumpkin seed oil can help reverse the signs of that, giving you a head full of healthy, strong hair.

#5: It Can Prevent and Stop Hair Loss

Did you know that people use pumpkin seed oil for DHT? It’s true – pumpkin oil can block the production of DHT, the hormone that often contributes to hair loss. If someone has an overproduction of DHT (whether they are a man or a woman), taking pumpkin seed oil orally can help prevent hair loss and thinning.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Treating Hair Loss: The Research to Back it Up

The benefits of pumpkin seed oil have been well-documented; in particular, there have been several studies to show the effectiveness of pumpkin seed oil on hair growth. One study [1] compared the results of men taking 450mg of pumpkin seed oil supplements to those taking a placebo. It showed that those taking the real pumpkin seed oil showed a 40% improvement in hair count compared to the 10% of the placebo group.

Another study [2] aimed to see the benefits of pumpkin seed oil when used topically to boost hair growth in those suffering from male pattern baldness. The study used mice rather than humans, so the results cannot be directly applied to humans, but they were still promising. When used topically, pumpkin seed oil was shown to promote hair growth and lower testosterone. It indicates that men experiencing androgenetic alopecia may use pumpkin seed oil as an alternative type of treatment and potentially witness great results.

Pumpkin Seed oil for hair loss

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Minoxidil: A Match Made in Heaven?

While pumpkin seed oil for the hair has shown to be very effective, much research also indicates it works even better when combined with the medication minoxidil, which is commonly prescribed and used to treat male pattern baldness. One study compared pumpkin seed oil to minoxidil for female pattern baldness [3], with the results showing that both were very effective. Combining the hair restoration benefits of both ingredients might be enough to reverse the effects of androgenetic alopecia in some patients.

Where to Buy Pumpkin Seed Oil

Getting your hands on pumpkin seed oil is straightforward. You can buy both the topical and oral versions in supermarkets and health food shops you find on most high streets (such as Real Foods and Holland and Barrett). Fortunately, it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil

There are two main ways to take pumpkin seed oil, so how you use this oil will differ depending on your chosen method.

As an Oil

Applying pumpkin seed oil on the hair is easy – all you need to do is apply the drops directly to the scalp and massage it in, bringing some of the oil down to the strands to ensure your entire head gets the benefits. For best results, leave the oil on overnight while wearing a cap.

As a Supplement

Taking pumpkin seed oil as a supplement is a little easier, as you just swallow the supplement with water every day. Always read the label on any supplements you have for more direct instructions.

Possible Side Effects of Pumpkin Seed Oil

While most people can tolerate taking pumpkin seed oil orally, there are some potential side effects to be aware of. One of the biggest side effects of taking pumpkin seed oil is that it can increase urination. [4] As a result, many patients find prostate and bladder relief, which is why pumpkin seed oil can even be used as an alternative natural medicine for an enlarged prostate.

Some of the more negative side effects of taking pumpkin seed orally include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Stomach Ache

When it comes to pumpkin seed hair oil, there aren’t many documented side effects. You should be safe to use topically unless you have any known allergies to pumpkin.

Should You Use Pumpkin Seed Oil?

With how much evidence there is to support the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for hair, it’s definitely worth trying, especially if you aim to repair and thicken your hair. Give it three to six months before giving up on pumpkin seed oil, as the results take a while to show.

Of course, pumpkin seed oil for hair loss or thinning is not the only option available. If pumpkin seed hair oil isn’t enough to restore your hair, other options exist.

Struggling with Hair Loss?

Hair loss happens to millions of people all over the world – there is no demographic that avoids it. It’s unfortunate, as hair is tied so closely to confidence, and people often feel insecure as soon as they notice even slight hair thinning. There are things you can do about it, though – if your hair loss cannot be treated with pumpkin seed oil, other methods are available.

As mentioned before, the mediation minoxidil has been proven to reverse the negative effects of male pattern baldness, and many women find effectiveness in this treatment. There’s also the medication Finasteride that creates very positive results in men. It’s a good idea to visit a doctor or dermatologist to get to the root cause of your hair loss/thinning and kickstart your hair restoration journey.

Pumpkin Seed oil for male hair loss

What About a Hair Transplant?

hair transplant isn’t usually the first thought people have when they begin to lose their hair. However, it is an effective and safe treatment for hair loss, ensuring those who undergo this procedure can enjoy a full head of hair once more. If you’ve tried and tested other methods like pumpkin seed oil and minoxidil to no avail, a hair transplant might be the best solution where hair follicles are moved from one area to another. With how natural and effective the results are, it’s a hair restoration method that’s become increasingly popular over the years, and not just in celebrity circles.

In Summary

The pumpkin seed oil benefits are quite clear. When used either topically or orally, this oil can boost your hair’s health and even reverse hair loss, making it an excellent addition to your hair care routine. You might even want to combine pumpkin seed oil with other hair restoration methods for best results. If your hair loss is extensive, a hair transplant might be the best option.

Are you considering a hair transplant? Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we offer consultations with the best surgeons in the business. You can get all of your questions answered. It might just be the perfect way for you to snatch back your confidence and enjoy a full head of healthy locks again.


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