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Rob Brydon hair transplant

It’s no secret that celebrities put a lot of work into their looks. It makes sense, considering that celebrities are often in front of a camera with thousands of people able to see every detail of their face and body on a regular basis! One of the ways many celebrities opt to change their looks – especially as they get older – is through a hair transplant. One of those celebrities is Rob Brydon.

Rob Brydon: A British TV Legend

Rob Brydon is an actor, comedian, and writer, with his talents helping him rise to fame back in 2000 for his role in Human Remains. Since then, he’s become a staple on British TV, starring in Gavin & Stacey and presenting the hit comedy panel show Would I Lie to You, which has been running since 2007 and shows no signs of grinding to a halt any time soon!

He is clearly at home when he’s on a screen. While most of his recognition has been because of his brain and talents, the fact that he’s often in front of a camera means his appearance is also under the spotlight. That’s why it makes so much sense that he likely opted for a hair transplant.

Did Rob Brydon Get a Hair Transplant?

Rob Brydon has not said he’s had a hair transplant. That is not too shocking – many celebrities undergo cosmetic procedures and then keep them a secret. It’s very possible that he had a hair transplant and decided not to tell the world about it!

So, when deciding whether Rob Brydon got a hair transplant, we can only go on the evidence presented. When looking at Rob Brydon’s hairline over the years, it gives us a clear sign that – yes, he did go through with the procedure.

Rob Brydon’s Hair Throughout the Years

Rob Brydon has been in the TV business for several years now. He has been watched by thousands throughout the UK, winning over people with his smart wit and funny impressions. While his hair is not usually the focus of people watching him, when you look closely, you’ll see that it has changed over the years. Here, you can see exactly how Rob Brydon’s hairline changed throughout the years, from his receding hairline to his newfound full head of hair.

Rob Brydon Hair: 2000

At the very beginning of his TV career, Rob Brydon didn’t seem to be experiencing any hair loss. He had a head full of thick, dense brown hair.

Rob Brydon Hair: 2005

Moving into the mid-2000s, it’s clear that Rob Brydon started experiencing male pattern hair loss. If you look at his hairline, you can see he has recession at the temples. There’s also some thinning on the top of his head.

Rob Brydon Hair: 2008

Rob Brydon’s hair loss seemed to reach its worst stage during 2008. At this point, it looks as though he was at stage 4 of the Norwood scale.

Rob Brydon hair loss 2008

Rob Brydon Hair Transplant

It’s guessed that Rob Brydon got a hair transplant sometime after 2008. It seems to have worked very well, which is likely thanks to the fact Rob Brydon still has a healthy head of hair where he wasn’t experiencing hair loss.

Rob Brydon Hair: Today 

Rob Brydon is now in his late 50s and looks as great as ever. When you look at him now, you’ll see he has a full head of hair with no signs of a receding hairline. It’s incredible what a hair transplant can do for your appearance!

Rob Brydon after hair transplant 2023

What Kind of Hair Transplant Did Rob Brydon Get?

With how natural the results are, we guess that Rob Brydon likely got a FUE hair transplant. This popular method involves a surgeon extracting single hair follicles for the procedure, taking them from a healthy donor area and then transplanting them into the balding areas. Follicular unit extraction FUE is a highly effective, natural-looking method, making it very popular for celebrity hair transplants.

Rob Brydon hair transplant before and after

Could Rob Brydon Have Grown His Hair Another Way?

As Rob Brydon has not confirmed he had a hair transplant, there is a chance he didn’t get one (even though most people think he did). If he didn’t, it’s likely he opted for another hair restoration method, such as a hair loss medication.

Two of the most popular hair loss medications are minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is a medication that can be taken by men and women. It’s usually taken topically and requires daily use in order to work. Finasteride is a medication that can only be taken by men and works by blocking the hormone DHT. In some men, this can help them regrow their hair after experiencing male pattern baldness.

What Other Celebrities Have Had a Hair Transplant?

Many celebrities have opted for hair transplants over the years. In fact, some of Rob Brydon’s comedic peers have gone through the procedure, with Jimmy Carr notably being one of the few celebrities to be completely open about it! Hopefully, his honesty will encourage more people to come forward with the fact they’ve had it done.

Some other celebrities who have spoken about their hair transplants include James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney. However, most celebs who are suspected to have had it done have followed Rob Brydon’s route of keeping quiet about it. Celebs such as Jude Law, Ben Affleck, and David Beckham have all likely had hair transplants but have never come forward to confirm the rumours.

How Much Did Rob Brydon’s Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of this hair loss treatment differs from person to person – someone with more extensive hair loss is likely to pay more. When looking at Rob Brydon’s hairline before the procedure, it can be guessed he needed a 2000 graft hair transplant, which would have cost him around £6,500. Of course, there are always variables – he may have paid more for a specific surgeon or location, for example. Getting hair transplants overseas can often make the procedure cheaper, but, if you’re considering it, be aware that most doctors recommend getting surgery in your own country, as it makes future medical care much easier.

How Successful Are Hair Transplants?

The good news is hair transplants are highly successful. If we were talking about Rob Brydon hair plugs or Rob Brydon hair implants – ones that were more common in the 20th century – then we wouldn’t be able to say that. However, hair transplants have come a long way over the years, with the FUE method giving a very high success rate of nearly 100%.

It should be noted that hair transplants take a while for results to show (you’ll discuss this with your surgeon if you get the surgery). The hair follicles themselves don’t have hair when they are transplanted – instead, they grow over time following the procedure. You’ll likely see new hair growth in a matter of months and full results within a year.

Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Are you considering following in Rob Brydon’s footsteps? He had male pattern baldness, something that affects up to 50% of men by the time they reach fifty years of age. [1] If you have the same problem, it’s understandable to be contemplating this route.

Generally, it’s recommended that you try less invasive hair loss treatments first, such as minoxidil or finasteride. These hair loss medications may be enough to help you regrow your hair and regain the confidence you may have lost alongside your strands. However, if these options don’t work well for you, then a FUE hair transplant is entirely possible, as long as you meet the standards for the surgery. The best candidates usually tick off the following:

  • They Have Noticeable Hair Loss
  • They Have a Healthy Donor Area
  • They Are Over the Age of 25
  • They Are Healthy
  • They Have Androgenetic Alopecia

The FUE hair transplant works for both men and women. It’s best to speak to a surgeon before deciding to go ahead with the surgery. If you want access to the best hair transplant surgeons in the UK, download our fantastic hair track app, which gives you access to consultations and also allows you to track your hair growth if you choose to get the procedure.

Rob Brydon’s Hair Transplant: In Summary

Rob Brydon very likely got a hair transplant in the late 2000s. It’s clear to see when you look at pictures of him before and after – before, he had a receding hairline and thin hair on the top of his head; after, he shows a full head of hair. Being nearly 60, it’s remarkable just how fantastic his hair looks! Even though he hasn’t confirmed it, we – and many others – think it’s safe to say that, yes, Rob Brydon joined many other celebs and got a hair transplant.

Are you ready to join Rob Brydon, or are you considering it? If so, you want to go to the best place for your hair transplant – it’s a surgical procedure, after all, and by choosing the best surgeon, you’re more likely to experience a natural result. Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we have the best surgeons in the business, ensuring that all our patients can enjoy a successful procedure. If you want to learn more about what we can do for your appearance and confidence, look at our patients gallery!


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