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Something a lot of younger people worry about is going bald, it can be easy to completely focus on the idea that if you start losing your hair you’re going to be bald within the next few years, however, hair loss doesn’t always mean you’re going to end up bald.

Today, we’re sharing some of the early warning signs you do have to look out for and when would be a good time to consider visiting a clinic for hair transplant in London.

Hair Shedding On Your Pillow Or Shower

You might start to notice more significant hair fall, you’ll probably notice this on your pillow in the morning when you shower and even when you brush your hair. It is important to remember that male pattern baldness is not always about how many hairs you shed each day, it’s related to how your hair growth cycle is and how quickly it can replace them.

Hair loss can happen for a number of different reasons including stress, hormone imbalance and even due to a dietary change. If your hair loss is caused by an issue such as these, once you pin down the cause and work on fixing it, your hair cycle will resume to normal and hair loss should lessen. However, issues such as male pattern baldness are permanent, which, is why it’s important to visit a hair loss specialist to find out the cause of your hair loss.

You Have Thin or Whispy Hair

Before you start to lose your hair the hair cycle is changing and this can cause hair follicles to get thinner, less radiant, and lose some of their shine before they fall out. If you’ve noticed hair around the temples and forehead seem to be thinner, this could be a sign of male pattern baldness.

Noticeable Change To Your Hairline

One of the most worrying signs of hair loss for many people is a change to your hairline. When someone is suffering from male pattern baldness it is likely that over time they’ll develop a receding hairline. The hair on the crown and temples can begin to thin, this leaves a horseshoe shape around the head. Over time, the hair loss can worsen and your hairline will get further back.

For our younger audience, it is important to remember that if you notice a change in your hairline it does not mean you have male pattern baldness. As you age, your body changes and so does your hairline. Your hairline can become slightly higher, this process is known as your hairline maturing.

The most obvious changes to your hairline happen in the teenage years and your juvenile hairline will change. It will go from having slightly rounded edges and being quite low, to becoming slightly higher up and less defined. In most cases, you will start to see this change around the age of 17, but this does differ from person to person and can happen anywhere between the age of 17 and 29.

When Should I Visit A Hair Loss Clinic?

We often get questions from people of a young age asking about our FUE hair transplant procedure to fix their hairline, however, in most cases, these people are referring to a maturing hairline, which, is something they shouldn’t be worried about.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we do not like to offer our FUE hair transplant to clients that are of a young age as future hair loss can be unpredictable and it makes it hard to plan a hair transplant for future hair loss. We recommend keeping photos of your hairline over 6 months and if you can see a noticeable difference you should book a consultation to speak to an expert and find out what the cause of your hair loss is, and what treatment would work best for you.

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