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M shapped hair line

It’s no secret that all humans have individual traits, and that includes the hairline. Hairlines come in all shapes and sizes, with one of them being the M-shaped hairline. While this is often said to be one of the worst hairlines, it’s actually very common, and no one should feel ashamed of the way their hairline sits. Still, an M-shaped hairline can also be a sign of hair loss, so it’s important to recognise any changes to your hairline over time, especially if you notice major receding.

What is an M-shaped hairline?

Simply put, an M-shaped hairline is when your hairline looks like the letter M. You have hair in the middle of the forehead, but at either side of that, you have receding temples that form a triangular shape. Often, the M-shaped hairline is one of the beginning signs of hair loss – particularly male or female pattern baldness.

Why is it Called M-Shaped?

It’s called M-shaped because the hairline literally looks like the capitalised letter M – that’s why it’s so easy to recognise. There are a couple of other names for it; some people call it the McDonald’s hairline as it looks so much like the distinct McDonald’s M sign.

Man hair loss

Are M-Shaped Hairlines Normal?

Yes. All hairlines are normal. However, an M-shaped hairline might not be the hairline you want, as it shows a receding hairline with either a little or a lot of hair loss. Generally, most people who experience an M-shaped hairline want to do something to either hide it or fix it.

Can Women Get an M-Shaped Hairline?

Yes – both men and women can get an M-shaped hairline. It’s very common in women, especially as they age, with less than 50% of women [1] enjoying a full head of hair throughout their lives. So, a that’s shaped like the letter M is not unusual by any means.

Does an M-Shaped Hairline Mean You’re Balding?

Not necessarily. Most men will experience a receding hairline at some point in their lives. While it is a sign of hair loss, it doesn’t mean you will lose all your hair. However, for some men, an M-shaped hairline can be one of the early signs of balding.

It’s worth mentioning that most women don’t go bald in the same way as men do. While it is entirely possible for women to experience complete balding due to alopecia totalis, this is not as common as it is in men. For women, an M-shaped hairline is more likely a sign of hair thinning.

What Causes an M-Shaped Hairline?

Lifestyle Factors

Certain lifestyle factors can trigger hair loss. Smoking tobacco, drinking excessively, sleep deprivation, nutritional imbalances, and high levels of stress can all affect your scalp’s health. Some of these can be treated directly, allowing the hair to return to normal.


Some people are more predisposed to getting the M shape hair profile than others. If many people in your family have an M-shaped hairline, there’s a higher chance you will have one, too.


Natural ageing often brings changes to the hairline, with many experiencing an M-shaped hairline as the years go by. This is usually caused by the higher levels of the hormone DHT, which primarily affects men and is the cause of male pattern hair loss but can affect women too.

How to Tell if You Have an M-shaped Hairline

You can easily tell by looking in the mirror and holding your hair back (especially if you have long hair). If you see a distinct M shape due to a receding hairline, that’s the hairline you have. It helps to look at images of different hairlines, too.

Don’t fret if you have discovered an M-shaped hairline – it doesn’t mean the end of your locks! This is very common, and there are solutions to help fix it.

Fixing an M-shaped Hairline: 5 Possible Ways

Does your hairline make you feel self-conscious? You’re not alone. Many people are battling this triangular hairline, and the good news is that some methods produce consistently good results. Here’s how to fix an M-shaped hairline.

1: Choosing a New Hairstyle

Lots of hairstyles can help cover a receding hairline. Styles like a brushed-up quiff and fringe will help cover the whole area, allowing you to enjoy your locks despite the M-shape.

2: Using Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a topical medication often used for male pattern baldness. Many men have had great experiences using minoxidil over the years, so it’s worth giving it a go. It can even help with female hair loss in some cases.

3: Getting a Finasteride Prescription

Finasteride is a prescription-only medication that comes in pill form. It works for male pattern baldness as it blocks the production of DHT, the hormone often associated with hair loss in men. Keep in mind that this treatment is specifically for men experiencing a receding hairline.

4: Shaving the Head

Sometimes, it’s best to accept things as they are, and that includes hair loss. Is your M-shaped hairline going further and further back each day? If you’re seeing one of the worst hairlines when you look in the mirror, it might be time to accept that your hair isn’t what it once was and shave it off. There are many people who rock a bald or buzz-cut look, so you’re not alone.

5: A Hair Transplant

You don’t have to accept your fallen locks. If you love having hair but have unfortunately experienced a receding hairline in recent years, there is always the option of a hair transplant. It might seem like a big step, but the surgery has come so far in recent years, with the FUE technique able to extract individual hair follicles for the most natural result. It’s definitely worth considering if your M-shaped hairline is really getting you down.

Hair transplant

Famous Celebs with an M-Shaped Hairline

You are not alone. Even the most popular celebrities experience hardships like a receding hairline – seeing is believing!

Harry Styles

It’s clear that Harry Styles has suffered from a receding hairline over the years. It was obviously a shame for him, as Styles was often known for his curly locks. He took back control of his appearance recently when he shaved his head, revealing a more striking appearance.

Jude Law

It helps to know that some of the most attractive men in the world also experience receding hairlines, including Jude Law. Jude’s  hairline has receded quite significantly over the years, creating a very obvious M-shaped hairline. He still looks handsome, and it hasn’t affected his career prospects!

jude Law hair line


David Beckham

David Beckham experienced a lot of balding during his career. Nowadays, though, he’s seen sporting a fuller head of hair. It’s been theorised that he has had a hair transplant, but he has yet to come out and confirm those theories!

These are three extremely popular celebrities who dealt with their receding (or M-shaped) hairline in different ways. Some people are happy to embrace it, whereas others prefer to fix it with something like a natural hair transplant.

What Are the Other Hairline Types?

Widow’s Peak

Many people mix up the widow’s peak with the M-hairline, but there are slight differences. Both of these hairlines have a section of hair that’s lower in the middle of the forehead, but that’s where the shape similarities end. A widow’s peak looks like a more curved hairline, creating a lowercase m, while an M-shaped hairline is more triangular and creates the look of a capitalised M.

Low, Middle, and High Hairline

A low, middle, or high hairline refers to how far down your hair is on your forehead. As expected, a high hairline is much farther up the forehead, giving the appearance of a larger head.

Triangular Hairline

A triangular hairline is the opposite of an M-shaped hairline. It forms a triangle shape, with more hair at the temples that goes up towards the centre of the forehead. This type of hairline is much more common in women.


A cowlick hairline involves a section of the hair that grows in a different direction. It’s something people are born with, and you cannot change the direction of the growth.

Uneven Hairline

Uneven hairlines are pretty unique; they look completely different on one side to the other. It’s nothing to worry about and is usually caused by genetics.

Ready to Start Your Hair Restoration Journey?

Is your hairline getting you down? If you want to enjoy a full head of hair once more, there is the solution of a hair transplant. Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we offer consultations for a male or female hair transplant with the top surgeons. If you choose us for your hair restoration journey, you can be sure you get the results you’re looking for, allowing you to enjoy a natural-looking hairline with no signs of hair loss. Get in touch today to get started!


  1. Female pattern baldness: Treatment and genetics
  2. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)



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