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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

When you start to notice hair loss it can be a bit of a worrying time most people will turn straight to the internet to have a look for potential treatments. However, there is a lot of different information about hair loss treatments on the internet and it can become quite confusing.

To make things a little easier we’re going through the different hair loss treatments available at The Harley Street Hair Clinic and what one is best for you.

Hair loss medication

When it comes to hair loss some clinics might offer you hair loss medication. There are a few different medications currently available that can help slow down hair loss and some that can promote hair growth.

Medications such as Finasteride (often known as propecia) are often given out to stop hair loss, however, it is important to remember these medications cannot fully stop hair loss and as soon as you stop taking medication, the hair loss will continue. It is also important to remember these medications can come with some side effects.

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is an ink delivery system that was built from the ground up with the sole purpose of mimicking the appearance of hair follicles and fine hair strokes. The treatment is similar to other pigmentation treatments such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) however, with the use of the best technology and pigments our treatment is more advanced.

ATP is the perfect treatment for anyone with slightly thinning hair as the pigmentation can add density to thinning areas. It can also work on those with little to no hair by building a hairline and producing the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hair. Take a look at our case studies to see our amazing results.

FUE Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is the most popular form of hair restoration and it is the most permanent solution to hair loss. Our FUE procedure works by removing individual hair follicles from areas of the scalp where the hair is fuller and transplanting them to an area where the hair is thinning. Our expert doctors work with you to build a natural and realistic looking hairline and ensure each hair follicle is placed at an angle and density to mimic your natural hair growth pattern, this ensures results always look natural.


The most important thing to remember is to research, there are a number of different hair restoration treatments on the market and it is important to ensure you’re looking for the right treatment for you. Once you’ve decided what treatment is right for you it is important to spend some time researching clinics to ensure you find the perfect clinic that offers the right treatment for you.

If you would like any more information on our hair restoration treatments please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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