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man with buzz cut

Buzz cuts will never go out of style. They are versatile, easy to wear, and help hide a receding hairline. If you have experienced hair loss, you’ve likely considered grabbing the hair clippers and accepting that you’re now someone who rocks a buzz cut.

Wait – before you shave your head, consider the different buzz cuts there are; there’s more than just one! Also, consider whether a buzz cut would look good on you. You don’t want to get rid of all your hair only to realise you’re someone who suits longer locks.

What Causes a Receding Hairline?

Receding hairlines usually affect men and are typically caused by genetics and ageing. If your dad and grandad had a receding hairline, the chances are you will get one, too. You’re not alone – most men who reach the age of 50 experience some form of hair loss, with up to 50% of them suffering from male androgenetic alopecia. [1] It’s unfortunate, but it’s a part of life. Plus, there are things you can do about it, such as getting a receding hairline buzz cut!

How to Tell if You’ll Look Good with a Buzz Cut

There are a lot of factors that play a role in whether you’d look good with a buzz cut or not, including your head shape, face shape, and hairline. Speaking with a barber or hairdresser is a good idea, as they have experience cutting/shaving people’s hair in a way that best suits them. You could even use one of the apps that shows what you’d look like with a different haircut – they aren’t perfect, but it might give you a general idea!

The Different Types of Buzz Cuts for a Receding Hairline

Have you decided to go for a buzz cut? A buzz cut with a bad hairline can look good if you choose the right style, so here are the different types for inspiration.

The Military Buzz Cut

When you think of a buzz cut, the first one you think of is probably the military buzz cut (also known as the induction buzz cut). This involves a very close trim all over the hair. It still leaves you with hair, but it’s very short – like stubble. It’s one of the best buzz cuts with a receding hairline, thanks to how short it is, as you won’t be able to notice the far-back hairline quite as much. Plus, the overall look is very neat and uniform. If you want a sleek, easy-to-rock look, it’s a go-to.

man with military buzz cut

The Burr Buzz Cut

Like the military buzz cut, the burr cut is very uniform, meaning it gives you the same length all over. For the burr buzz cut, you will use a setting of 1 or 2 on the guard. The result is a very short hairdo (even shorter than the military buzz cut) for a completely clear canvas that isn’t quite bald. While it’s a great buzz cut for receding hairlines, it might not be so good for those with scars, as it will show the scars on your scalp due to its shortness.

The Crew Cut

Crew cuts are a bit longer than other types of buzz cuts. The hair on the sides stays short, while the top is a little longer, usually up to around two inches. It can give the appearance of a slight fringe, making it a good choice for those people who have a receding hairline but feel like they suit slightly longer hair.

The Fade Buzz Cut

The fade cut is very popular, as is the fade buzz cut. Basically, a faded buzz is when the side of the hair stays short, but the hair on top is slightly longer. In terms of length, you can go as short as you like, as there aren’t many rules for length when it comes to the fade buzz cut. You might prefer to go shorter at the sides if you have a far-back receding hairline. The result is fresh, but keep in mind that it requires a bit of upkeep! Also, it’s worth going to a barber rather than trying to do a fade buzz cut on yourself, as it takes a little more skill than doing, say, a military buzz cut, which uses the same grade all over.

A Buzz Cut with Facial Hair

A lot of the time, men only begin losing hair from their heads. That means their head won’t be full of hair, but they can still rock a full, luscious beard. If that sounds like you, consider combining a buzz cut with a beard! It can look terrific, especially thanks to the fact that the beard draws attention away from the receding hairline/shorter hair, giving you a more youthful appearance. Some celebs who have had this look include Brad Pitt, Chris Evans, and Ryan Gosling.

A Dyed Buzz Cut

Do you want your hair to make a statement? Maybe you’re looking for something more unique. If so, the dyed buzz cut is the perfect solution. This involves trimming the hair very short and then giving the remaining hair a bright colour, such as light blonde, pink, or blue. Remember that this hairdo is best for those who don’t have an exceptionally far back hairline, as it might make the receding hair more noticeable.

What About Going Bald?

For many men, going completely bald is a scary idea. It makes the hair loss seem sort of final. Plus, the result may make you look very different to how you do now, especially if you have longer hair.

Still, many men have decided to rock the bald look after experiencing hair loss and have been very glad they did. After all, you’ll never have to worry about losing any hair, as you’ll shave it right to the skin anyway! It might even look really good on you. Think about the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Samuel L Jackson – they all look incredible even with no hair. In fact, you could say being bald only adds to their good looks.

Improving the Hairline

A buzz cut for a receding hairline works well. However, if you have a far-back receding hairline, even a buzz cut might not be able to hide the amount of hair loss. Good news – there are other solutions!

  • Hair Loss Treatments

There are lots of great hair loss treatments available, including minoxidil and finasteride. These medications are commonly prescribed to men experiencing male pattern hair loss, as they block the DHT hormone, preventing the hair from receding and falling out. You can try this if you’re worried about a receding hairline. You can get minoxidil over the counter, while you’ll need a private prescription for finasteride for hair loss.

  • Confront any Deficiencies or Illnesses

Sometimes, deficiencies or illnesses cause hair loss. For example, if you don’t get enough iron, your hair might start to fall out – going to the doctor and taking iron supplements can fix this. At the same time, certain illnesses like hypothyroidism can cause hair loss, so if you think it could be causing your receding hairline, be sure to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. They’ll be able to take bloodwork to see if an underlying condition is causing the problem.

  • Advanced Tricho Pigmentation

Advanced tricho pigmentation is a type of scalp micropigmentation that is a little more advanced. Using specialised tools, the practitioner creates very thin, fine lines that mimic real-life hair. This procedure works very well for eliminating the look of a buzz cut with a bad hairline, as the ink will bring the hairline forward.

  • Hair Transplants

Did you know that hair transplants look incredibly natural? They look nothing like the old-school plugs of the 20th century. The FUE hair transplant method now extracts small, individual follicles for more natural hair growth and minimal scarring. If your hair loss is extensive and you have a healthy donor area, this treatment might give you all the confidence you need to rock a hairstyle, whether short or long!

Are You a Woman Thinking About a Buzz Cut?

Buzz cuts can look great on women, too! Many women also experience hair loss, with far more women experiencing alopecia areata than men [2] (while alopecia androgenetic affects more men). For a woman with hair loss, a shorter buzz cut can be the perfect way to hide the hair loss while enjoying a fresh, unique hairdo. It’s a big step, but it might just be the best one for you!

Looking for Hair Loss Solutions?

Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we specialise in the most advanced hair loss solutions, from advanced tricho pigmentation to FUE hair transplants. Our patients leave our clinics happier than ever with how their hair looks – with the help of our top surgeons; we restore hair for a natural look that massively increases confidence. If that interests you, get in touch for hair advice and consultation today.


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