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David Beckham Hair Transplant

The discussion of David Beckham’s hair transplant has been big in recent years. When you compare the former England captain’s hair a few years ago to now, it’s clear that he enjoyed some form of hair growth. The question is, was hair transplant surgery the cause of that, or was it something else? In this article, we will discuss the possibility of David Beckham’s hair transplant while looking at his hair transformations over the years!

A Brief Overview of David Beckham’s Career

David Beckham is one of the world’s most beloved and well-known footballers. Even though he’s no longer on the pitch (and hasn’t been since 2013), he’s still known worldwide for his multiple league titles and ability to bend his free kicks – even landing himself in the title of the hit film “Bend it Like Beckham”!

Beckham joined Manchester United in 1992, which was the beginning of his professional career. His football career then spanned two decades, during which time he became England’s captain from 2000 until 2006, at which point Wayne Rooney took on the role. Beckham’s talent on the pitch was noticed worldwide; he even received an OBE thanks to it.

A Timeline of David Beckham’s Hair

David Beckham is best known for his football skills, but his hair has also drawn attention over the years. In his early years as a footballer, he wore several hairstyles, turning him into a style icon. Later, it was because he appeared to have started losing his hair. Here’s a look at David Beckham’s hairline over the years.

David Beckham hair 2003

Early 1990s: Curtain Bangs

When Beckham stepped onto the field in 1992 at 17 years old, he sported the then-popular hairstyle of curtain bangs. Being so young, there was no sign of hair loss, although it was apparent that David Beckham has a widow’s peak hairline, which is common in both men and women.

Late 1990s: Blonde Tips

As David Beckham grew in popularity, he changed his hairstyle. In the late 1990s, he can be seen sporting blonde tips in his hair – a much-loved style at the time! His hair was thick and healthy during these years, so there was no talk about hair loss.

2000: The Buzz Cut

After years of having mid-length to long hair, Beckham surprised fans by sporting a buzz cut in 2000. This could have been because he was experiencing recession at the temples, but it could also have simply been to shake up his look.

David Beckham buzzcut

Early 2000s: A Mix of Hairstyles

Moving into the early 2000s, Beckham experimented with a range of hairstyles. He wore a mini mohawk in 2001, a Hoxton fin in 2002, and even got cornrows in 2003 when he met Nelson Mandela (resulting in his hairdo being labelled “The Mandela).

You can start to see the beginning of David Beckham’s receding hairline in 2003 when he often wore a headband on the pitch. If you look at his temples, you’ll see definite thinning in the area.

2010s: The Quiff

David Beckham’s hairline was receding during the early 2010s, during which time he was often seen sporting a quiff. With this hairstyle pulling his hair back, it was clear to see that the hair at his temples wasn’t as forward as it used to be. This is where David Beckham’s hair loss becomes increasingly apparent.

David Beckham hair 2014

2020: Obvious Hair Thinning

Unfortunately, like many people who experience androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), David Beckham had extreme hair thinning at the top of his head, and some would even say David Beckham was balding at this stage. Clearly, he was struggling with some form of hair loss, whether just some thinning or complete balding.

2023: A Full Head of Hair

David Beckham returned to the spotlight in 2023 thanks to his documentary “Beckham”. It’s evident in this documentary (and in other snaps captured of him) that he was able to regrow a full head of hair once more. His hair looks thick, dense, and healthy, indicating he possibly had a hair transplant. David Beckham’s hair loss was a thing of the past!

Did David Beckham Get a Hair Transplant?

Assuming that David Beckham got a hair transplant in recent years isn’t a crazy assumption to make. After all, he did suffer quite extensive hair loss, and he certainly has the money to invest in hair restoration surgery. However, he hasn’t come out and publicly said he has had a hair transplant, so we are still left with only theories. There’s a chance he chose another hair restoration option.

Did David Beckham Use an Alternative Hair Restoration Method?

There is definitely a possibility that David Beckham sought out a different hair loss treatment. While hair transplants are the most effective way to restore hair growth, some medications and other treatments can help.


Minoxidil is a popular hair restoration treatment that uses a topical daily treatment. It offers some fantastic results, as indicated by a 2016 study [1] showing significant hair growth in participants after 24 weeks of minoxidil 5% topical foam.


Finasteride is a prescription-only medication used to treat prostate enlargement, but it can also be used to treat hair loss, and it’s possible that it was used to treat David Beckham’s balding scalp. It works by blocking DHT production (a male hormone), [2] which is why it is only typically prescribed to men. Its effectiveness is similar to minoxidil, and many people with androgenic alopecia choose to combine these medications (which is something Beckham may have done).

Have Any Footballers Been Open About Getting Hair Transplants?

Yes! While it is common for celebrities to keep their hair transplants (and other aesthetic-related surgeries) private, there are some footballers who have been refreshingly transparent about their procedures.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney suffered from male pattern baldness at the height of his career as the England captain. He then opted for hair transplant surgery here at HS Hair Clinic in 2011, which he discussed on social media. The results were fantastic – to this day, Rooney can be seen with thick, dense hair on his head.

Steve Fletcher

Another footballer who got a hair transplant and didn’t try to hide it was Steve Fletcher. The Wrexham player also opted to get his hair transplant surgery here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, where he experienced outstanding results. He has since been able to enjoy a full head of hair.

Rob Holding

Like many other men, Rob Holding experienced hair loss that resulted in receding temples. To combat this, he got a hair transplant in 2022, which he spoke about openly on Instagram, stating that he had dealt with low self-esteem due to male pattern baldness. Fortunately, Holding experienced great results from his hair transplant and can be seen with full, thick hair today.

Footballers Who May Have Had a Hair Transplant

Many other footballers have been speculated to have had a hair transplant over the years, even if they haven’t come forward to confirm it. Here are some footballer’s hair transplants that haven’t been confirmed but are very likely.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane experienced receding temples throughout his career, and they became even more prominent in 2018, in the midst of his career. Move forward to 2023, and you’ll now see that he has a straighter hairline and thicker hair density.

Antonio Conte

The former Italian football player experienced pronounced hair loss at the top of his head during his football career. Looking at him today, you will see he has a full head of mid-length hair, indicating he got a hair transplant.

David Silva

David Silva is also speculated to have gotten a hair transplant. Not only was his hair loss quite extensive, but he could even be seen on the pitch with what looked like hair transplant surgery scars. Now, he has a full head of hair. While it’s not 100% confirmed, we can make an educated guess that he did opt for a FUE hair transplant.

As you can see, it’s not just David Beckham’s hair transplant that has been kept under the radar – many other footballers have opted for this surgery without being publicly open about it.

Is a Hair Transplant Right for You?

Is David Beckham’s hair loss all too familiar? If you’ve also experienced male pattern baldness, you might consider getting a hair transplant. You don’t have to be a world-famous footballer and millionaire to take advantage of this procedure!

Of course, you’ll need to tick a few boxes to ensure you’re the right candidate for such a procedure, such as being the right age and having a good donor area. Get in touch with the Harley Street Hair Clinic team to see if a hair transplant would work for you.

David Beckham’s Hair Transplant: A Real Possibility

David Beckham’s hair loss became apparent during his later years of playing football, with the full extent of his balding becoming evident in the 2010s. Since then, he has been in the public eye numerous times with a full head of hair, indicating that he definitely sought out some form of hair restoration treatment. Considering that a hair transplant is the most effective solution for regrowing hair, it’s pretty safe to conclude that David Beckham did, in fact, opt for the surgery. If so, it looks fantastic!


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