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David's Hair Transplant Results: Six Months On

We recently caught up with David, who works in the luxury fashion industry. We wanted to hear about his experience with us at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, and to see how his hair transplant procedure has impacted his life. David returned to the clinic 6 months after his hair transplants to show us his results.

David expressed to us that confidence and image is really important to him, and said no matter what you do, in your social life you’ll always want to look good. David was tired of his receding hair and wanted to make a change, he got to the point in life where he got to around 35 and found it became tiring trying to hide his hair loss, he compared it to going to the gym and not seeing results, you just give up in the end.

Working in the bespoke made to measure industry David said his clients always want to know what something is going to look like at the end, and even though the professionals know best it can sometimes be daunting throughout the process until you see the end product. However, after his first consultation, he felt relaxed at the clinic and trusted his doctor and knew he was in capable hands and trusted us to produce the best result possible.

David’s results

David felt that finally taking the plunge into getting a hair transplants was a small sacrifice to get where he wanted to be. He described the treatment itself as much simpler than expected, during the transplant he was talked through every stage by his doctor and was given plenty of opportunities to have a break, making him feel at ease throughout.

After his transplant David was given simple aftercare instructions and medication that was provided, he expressed how great the aftercare was as he was able to call the clinic at any time with any queries he might have. The final stage in David’s opinion is how you look after your transplant when you get home to ensure your results look as good as possible. For example, he found the strangest part having to spray his scalp with water for a week – something his doctor expressed, multiple times, was a vital part for him to do.

Over the last few weeks, David has seen a massive change in his hair, any shedding has stopped and the growth has been rapid and he is very happy with his results. His colleges, friends and even clients have said how impressed they are. David said to us that he thinks the most important thing for anyone to remember is to put quality over everything, with our clinic located in London it is easy to visit as often as you need and the quality is super important and should not be compared to price, which you might only consider short term.

David described his experience with us by saying “There is pride in what you’re having done, you can see that not only with the company itself but also with your doctor who I doing your procedure”

You can take a look at some of our other case studies here, and if you would like to book in for a no obligation consultation please contact us today.

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