Results: Case Studies

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we perform the revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure to ensure all of our clients get the best possible hair transplant results. Have a look though our gallery of fantastic FUE results.

Spex Hair Transplant Update
Spex Hair Transplant Update Norwood 3FUE Hair Transplant 618 Grafts

Spencer Spex Stevenson, a patient advisor for The Harley Street Hair Clinic recently visited the clinic wanting to refine his hairline. Spex decided he wanted another hair transplant procedure to achieve the perfect hairline. In June 2018, 618 grafts were transplanted in order to achieve a natural looking hairline. Spex will be documenting his hair transplant journey which you can follow here.

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Mitch's 1 Year Hair Transplant Result
Mitch's 1 Year Hair Transplant ResultNorwoodFUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

After experiencing hair loss in the frontal hairline Mitch decided to visit the Harley Street Hair Clinic for an initial consultation. Meeting one our specialists he had an opportunity to learn about the FUE hair transplant process and felt confident that having the procedure could really help him get back to where he was before his hair loss. One year later we met up with Mitch to find out how his life has changed since his procedure.  

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Paul's 1 Year Hair Transplant Result
Paul's 1 Year Hair Transplant ResultNorwoodFUE Hair Transplant   Grafts

As an actor, Paul felt that his receding hairline was making him look older than his age and he was concerned that his hair loss could be causing him to miss out on opportunities. Using our FUE hair transplant technique we were able to restore the receding areas of the hairline, achieving an incredibly natural result. We were pleased to catch up with Paul 1 year after his procedure to hear about his hair transplant experience and the impact it has had on his life.

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Wayne Rooney's Hair Transplant Result
Wayne Rooney's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 3VFUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

“Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result… I had it done in Harley street hair clinic London. Thanks to all the staff who looked after me.” Wayne Rooney The HSHC is committed to providing the best quality results possible with hair transplantation and we have compiled this page to summarise the most popular hair transplantation case study in the world. We hope to help educate the public on the FUE procedure involved...

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Steven Fletcher's Hair Transplant Result
Steven Fletcher's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 5AFUE Hair Transplant 2310 Grafts

Steven Fletcher The Sunderland and Scottish International Football Striker Shares in his Experience of his First Hair Transplant in 2013 The video is shot on the morning of his second transplant procedure to address the crown region after a fantastic restoration of the frontal hairline which was completed in March 2013. The priority in the first procedure was to restore the hairline and address some thinning of the mid-section region to frame the facial features and add more volume and body to the...

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Tom's Pre Procedure Interview
Tom's Pre Procedure InterviewPre Procedure InterviewFUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

Tom, a professional dog trainer from Reading, first noticed his hair loss in his early 20s. At 25 Tom felt that his receding hairline made him look a lot older that he actually was and, following hours of research, decided that a hair transplant would be the best way to permanently restore his frontal hairline. Following consultations at a number of clinics, Tom decided that the Harley Street Hair Clinic was the best fit for him, and we are pleased to have been able to deliver an impressive, age...

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Dr Jonathan's Hair Transplant Result
Dr Jonathan's Hair Transplant ResultNorwoodFUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

Dr Jonathan began to notice hair loss in his 30s and after gradually becoming more self conscious decided in his 40s to research the options available to restore his hairline. He was looking for a permanent solution and saw hair transplantation as the right route for him, however, as a trained medic he knew that the success of his procedure would rely on him choosing the right clinic and the right doctor. Having researched and visited a number of clinics he found that the Harley Street Hair Clinic...

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Damian's Hair Transplant Result
Damian's Hair Transplant ResultNorwoodFUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

We’re grateful to Damian for sharing with us his hair transplant experience. We caught up with him one year after his procedure and we’re pleased to share his result in his case study video.

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Sean's Hair Transplant Journey
Sean's Hair Transplant JourneyNorwood 5FUE Hair Transplant 2032 Grafts

Sean has kindly allowed us to view his progress since his procedure and how he feels at the 2 week stage. We will be updated Sean’s progress and looking forward to seeing the final result in a year

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Jonathan Saccone Joly's Hair Transplant Result
Jonathan Saccone Joly's Hair Transplant Result Norwood 4FUE Hair Transplant 1856 Grafts

Jonathan Saccone-Joly is a high profile YouTuber and vlogger.  He is well known for videoing every aspect of his life, along with his wife – Anna Saccone-Joly. They document every minute of their lives, including the birth of their children, cooking dinner and any other daily activity. As with every aspect of his life, Jonathan was very open about his surgery. He posted to both Instagram and Twitter about his experience undergoing an FUE hair transplant with us. I started something today. It’s...

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James' Hair Transplant Result
James' Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 3AFUE Hair Transplant 1267 Grafts

James is one of our favourite patients and his priority was a natural undetectable result. The thinning in the frontal hairline area was preventing his ability to style his hair as normal. When he came to see us in 2009 we restored the frontal hairline and increased volume and body with precise planning to ensure we achieved a great result. James work as a fireman requires him to wear heavy protective head gear and with careful post procedure planning we enabled him to achieve his goal. Please ensure...

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Theo's Hair Transplant Result
Theo's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 3VFUE Hair Transplant 2087 Grafts

Theo is a fellow perfectionist and top hair stylist who was concerned by his receding hairline. He has almost perfect donor hair and was referred by his Trichologist and conducted research from multiple sources in preparation. We have rebuilt the frontal hair line and temple region at high density and look forward to the final result.

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Kevin's FUE Hair Transplant Result
Kevin's FUE Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 5FUE Hair Transplant  Grafts

Before his hair transplant Kevin had lost a significant amount of hair but since his first procedure he has undergone an amazing transformation. Kevin has a high profile role in the media and you can view his video discussing his procedure.

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Tony McMahon's Hair Transplant Result
Tony McMahon's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 5FUE Hair Transplant 1839 Grafts

Tony is one of the many stars of the Classic British film Lock Stock and Smoking barrels Tony has good quality donor hair and requested a conservative natural hairline with enhanced coverage in the crown region. It was a pleasure for us to have him at the clinic and he has kindly shared in his experience to help future patients We look forward to reviewing his progress at his check up

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Mike Taylor's Hair Transplant Result
Mike Taylor's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 5FUE Hair Transplant 1792 Grafts

Mike is a superb barber and the Director of the British Barbers Association. Mike had a previous transplant with a clinic abroad and encountered unsatisfactory results which we are looking to rectify. In a repair case scenario the planning has to be perfect to ensure we gain the best return from every graft possible. This should be the case for all hair transplantation surgery and we will update you as Mike’s case progress’s We are going to be participating in Salon International at the London Excel...

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Kieron's Hair Transplant Result
Kieron's Hair Transplant ResultNorwood 5FUE Hair Transplant 2192 Grafts

Kieron is featured in the video section in which he talks of his experience of FUE hair transplantation Kieron had extensive area of loss and the priority was to re-establish the hairline and frame his facial features as he looks great with short hair. We look forward to seeing his result evolve and expect a great result. His video is a great insight into the experience of finding the right clinic

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Bobby Hair Transplant Results
Bobby Hair Transplant ResultsNorwood 3VFUE Hair Transplant 1800-2000 Grafts

Bobby had very thick hair and lost a significant area in the temple region and hairline area. The implantation had to be of the highest density possible to ensure an undetectable result. Bobby has featured in national press including TV documentaries on the BBC Channel 4 and Channel 5 and as he has not had further hairloss remains an out standing result. Please not there are pictures in his gallery of the very fast healing at the 14 day period and also at the 4 month stage from when his hair started...

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Eyebrow Reconstruction Transplant
Eyebrow Reconstruction TransplantEyebrow TransplantFUE  217 Grafts

An example of a the importance of density in the eyebrow area and its role in framing the face. Implantation of hair in the eyebrow with natural curl requires extensive expertise of this type of transplantation. A superb natural result was created by highly specialised and precise implantation of the eyebrow hair. This patient’s result has been featured in National press and TV and thank you to our patient in helping educate men and women who have lost eyebrow definition and volume. Please see further...

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