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Harry Kane hair

People are constantly speculating about whether or not celebrities- especially footballers- have had hair transplants. While some footballers have come out to the public and openly stated that they have had this hair growth surgery, others have been a little quieter about it, leading to even more theories. One such footballer is Harry Kane, with the potential of Harry Kane’s hair transplant being a hot topic in recent years.

Harry Kane: The Goal-Scoring England Captain

Harry Kane has dominated the field since his football career began in 2009 when he was just 16 years old. Since then, he has earned the nickname “HurriKane” thanks to his incredible goal-scoring abilities. In 2018, he took over Wayne Rooney as England’s football captain, which meant he led The Three Lions to the Qatar World Cup in 2022, where the English national team reached the quarter-finals. He’s had a fantastic football career, and that will likely continue for many years!

While most conversations surrounding Harry Kane are about football, there has been speculation that the England captain got a hair transplant fairly recently. Is it true, though? Harry Kane’s hair transplant has not been confirmed by anyone, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get one – he may prefer to keep private about it.

Harry Kane hair 2021

A Look at Harry Kane’s Hairline Through the Years

Looking at Harry Kane’s hair throughout the years is a helpful way of determining whether (or not) he got a hair transplant. Here’s a timeline!

Harry Kane’s Hair in 2015

In 2015, Harry Kane was building a bigger name for himself as a Tottenham Hotspur player. During his time with the Spurs, the Harry Kane haircut came into fruition: the slicked-back style. He kept some length and slicked back his hair using hair product while he was on the pitch. Even during this time, you can see some slight recession in his temples, but it wasn’t excessive.

Harry Kane’s Hair in 2018

Harry Kane’s haircut didn’t change much from 2015 to 2018, but his hairline did. He experienced recession at the temples, with his hairline at this time sitting at stage 3 of the Norwood scale. With how evident his hair loss was at this time, it makes sense that he may have started looking into hair restoration treatments.

Harry Kane hair 2018

Harry Kane’s Hair in 2021

Fast forward a few years to 2021, when Harry Kane is working hard as the England captain, and you’ll notice that his hairline looks like it’s a little more forward. That isn’t concrete evidence that he had a hair transplant, but it’s worth noting.

Harry Kane’s Hair in 2023

Harry Kane’s haircut and hairline had a significant change in 2023. Instead of a slicked-back look, he lets his hair grow a little shorter with some length on top. On top of that, his hair density looks to have improved dramatically – his hairline is straighter and more forward, indicating that he had a hair transplant at some point. One thing is for sure – the hairstyle is flattering and looks fantastic on him!

Harry Kane hair 2023

So – Did Harry Kane Get a Hair Transplant?

It cannot be 100% confirmed that Harry Kane got a hair transplant. Some of the evidence indicates that he may have done, but we can’t say for sure. One thing is for certain, though – he did something to help regrow his hair over the years. When you see the difference between Harry Kane’s hairline in 2018 and compare it to 2023, you can clearly see that his hairline has moved forward slightly, giving the look of fuller, thicker, and healthier hair.

What Type of Hair Transplant Did Harry Kane Get?

It’s likely that Harry Kane chose the FUE hair transplant method. FUE is a hair restoration surgery that involves a surgeon extracting hair follicles from the back of the head using micro punches, and these follicles are then implanted in the problem area of the scalp. As the method that produces the most natural results – and with how natural Harry Kane’s hairline now looks – it makes sense that he chose this option.

Other Hair Loss Treatments Harry Kane May Have Got

With Harry Kane’s hair transplant not being fully confirmed, it’s worth looking at the other hair loss treatments he may have pursued. After all, hair transplants aren’t the only solution to hair loss in men!


Finasteride is a hair restoration medication commonly prescribed to men suffering from hair loss (as well as men with enlarged prostates). As a hair loss treatment, it’s very effective, with one study showing how it increased hair count significantly compared to a placebo. [1]


Like Finasteride, Minoxidil is often used to treat male pattern baldness, so it’s possible that Harry Kane turned to this topical medication. Minoxidil doesn’t have to be prescribed, but it does have to be taken every day. With good upkeep, many men have experienced a lot of hair regrowth using it.

Treating Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions lead to hair loss, including thyroid problems and trichotillomania. While Harry Kane’s hair loss looks more typical of male pattern baldness, it’s possible that he could have treated a condition that led to his hair thinning, resulting in hair restoration.

What Other Footballers Have Had Hair Transplants?

It’s not just Harry Kane – there has been a lot of speculation about different footballer’s hair transplants over the years, with some footballers being open enough to speak about it publicly.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was the England captain before Harry Kane – and that’s not the only thing they have in common. Wayne Rooney experienced significant hair loss during 2007 and 2008 when he was in the spotlight. He decided to get a FUE hair transplant at our very own clinic in 2011, when he addressed his followers on social media, stating:

“Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result.” [2]

He also confirmed that he had it done at our clinic:

“I had it done in Harley Street Hair Clinic London. Thanks to all the staff who looked after me.” [2]

After the surgery, Wayne Rooney was able to regrow his hair, leading to a restoration of confidence. He was certainly happy with the result!

Rob Holding

The Arsenal player Rob Holding also got a hair transplant after experiencing hair loss. Like Wayne Rooney, he was also very open about the procedure. When you look at Holding’s hairline in 2018 and compare it to 2022, you can see just how successful the surgery was.

Antonio Conte

The former player and current Italian football manager didn’t always have a head full of hair. While these days you can see lots of hair density, he experienced very extensive hair loss during his time on the field. While he’s not come out to talk about it, it’s theorised he had several FUE hair transplants to reach this transformation.

Why Are Hair Transplants Common with Footballers?

Hair loss is no laughing matter. It can seriously knock your confidence, especially if you are consistently in the public eye. One study sought to understand the psychosocial effect of hair loss in men, and it showed that men who had realised they were losing hair took a hit to their self-esteem; some experienced negative effects on their social life, and 21% even said it led to feelings of depression. [3]

With how much hair loss psychologically affects men, it makes sense that hair transplants become the answer for those with money to spare. Throw the fact that footballers are often under very bright lights in front of a crowd of thousands (not to mention all the watchers at home), and it makes sense that they are more sensitive regarding their appearance.

Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Even if you aren’t being watched by thousands of fans every week, you might still consider getting a hair transplant if you’re experiencing hair loss. So – should you? There are a couple of things you need to consider before going into this surgery, including:

  • The amount of hair loss you have experienced.
  • Your age.
  • Whether you have tried other hair restoration treatments.
  • Whether you have a good donor area.
  • The cause of your hair loss.

If you’re unsure about a hair transplant, speaking to a professional is a good idea. If you want to book a free consultation with any of our top surgeons, you can do so easily on our website or app. You can also check out our graft calculator to see how many grafts you might need for the best results.

In Summary: Harry Kane’s Hair Transplant

Harry Kane’s hair changed over the years. His hair experienced a clear recession at the temples in 2018, but by 2023, he seems to have restored his hair density. While it looks like he might have had a hair transplant to reach this effect, we cannot say that for certainty, as he hasn’t been open about it. There’s always a chance he used other hair loss treatments! Want to learn about other footballer’s potential hair restoration methods? Check out David Beckham’s hair transplant.


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