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James’ hair transplant results: One year on

We recently caught up with James, a client of ours from Essex. We invited James back to the Harley Street Hair Clinic to see his results, see what he thought of the clinic and the procedure and to see if his hair transplant has impacted his life.

James decided to visit us at the clinic as he always felt as if he looked and felt older due to his receding hairline and deep down he always knew he wanted to do something about his hair loss but he didn’t know exactly what he could do. James was getting married in six months’ time and wanted to look best for this wedding.

James expressed to us that most people won’t admit it, but deep down everyone is a little vain and when he started to lose his hair he really wished that it wasn’t happening. Out of his group of around 10 friends, James was the only one who had lost his hair which meant he got a lot of stick – although he knew it was all banter, at the back of his mind he wished it wasn’t him.

Wanting his hair to look good for his wedding, James was very excited to see his results coming through.

James’ results

Straight after his procedure, James said that you could see the hairline come through and you were able to get an idea of what your results would look like but he was very excited to see how good his results would be for his wedding.

James first saw his results at around five months when he felt happy with his hair and he said it’s important to be patient when waiting for your results. He described the procedure as simple and pain free and the end result made the procedure that bit more amazing.

The procedure itself was pain free and aftercare was simple for James, he did take 3-4 months off of rugby but enjoyed returning with more hair than the rest of his team and said it was nice to be the youngster of the group – and look it too.

James was so happy with his results for the wedding, he had his first haircut since the transplant and was finally able to buy products for his – which he had never done before. Once the wedding was over, James still felt content and happy with his results, which is the most important thing for us to hear.

One year later, James still receives many questions asking about how much it cost, where did he have it done and how does it work and no one can believe that he has had a transplant because the results are so seamless, and people find it hard to believe that after just two days in the clinic he now has a full head of hair.

If you would like more information on our hair transplant procedures, please contact us today for a no obligation consultation. You can see more of our hair transplant results – here.

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