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Joe Swash hair transplant

It’s hard to imagine that the people you see on TV every day have the same kind of struggles that you do, but it’s true. One case that proves that is Joe Swash. The TV star is often seen with a warm smile, but he went through a lot of insecurity surrounding his hair, which led to him seeking out hair loss treatment to help restore his locks.

If you want to find out more about Joe Swash’s hair transformation journey, this article is for you.

Joe Swash: The TV Star

To understand Joe Swash’s hair journey, it helps to know the man himself. You’ve likely seen him on TV many times; he played Mickey Miller on Eastenders, won King of the Jungle of the eighth series of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”, and has presented many popular ITV shows. He’s much-loved and has plenty of talent.

Joe Swash’s TV career has undoubtedly been successful. Still, he had some setbacks when he started losing his hair – mainly because of the lack of confidence he felt from it. That’s why he decided to get a hair transplant.

He Wasn’t Always Open About His Hair Transplant

It’s now known that Joe Swash had a total of three hair transplants, but he wasn’t always open about it. This makes sense – many celebrities opt for aesthetic treatments without going public about it, as that can be scary. It’s not easy to admit that you have insecurities, especially if you are already in the limelight.

A Change of Heart

Joe Swash did eventually come forward about his experience with hair loss and restoration in an interview with Loose Women in 2016, stating:

“It was for myself and something that I wanted to do, to make me feel better. I was on TV, so that might have had something to do with it.”

Being on TV every day clearly has an effect on self-confidence, and Joe Swash made the decision for himself to take back control by getting a hair transplant. He stated that he’s pleased that he did, and when you look at the results, it’s not hard to see why. It’s clear that Joe Swash’s hair transplant was a success, with his transplanted hair looking incredibly natural, likely because he opted for the FUE hair transplant method.

A Timeline of Joe Swash’s Hair

To understand the effectiveness of Joe Swash’s hair transplant, it helps to look at his hair over the years, starting with his early days in Eastenders right up until today when he’s benefiting from the success of his hair restoration journey.

Joe Swash before hair transplant

Joe Swash Hair: 2003

Joe Swash started his career in Eastenders in 2003. During this time, he had a full head of hair – it wasn’t noticeable at all that he would later need three hair transplants.

Joe Swash Hair: 2008

You start to see the first signs of hair thinning in the later 2000s while Joe Swash was still on Eastenders (which he’d soon leave). His hairline was receding, and there was some visible hair thinning on the crown of his head.

Joe Swash Hair: 2009

While Joe Swash hasn’t said exactly when his first hair transplant was, it’s estimated that it was around 2009, as it’s during this year that you can see a significant difference in his hair’s thickness. When you compare his hair from “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” to later in 2009, you can notice the change.

Joe Swash Hair: 2016

That wasn’t the last hair transplant for Joe Swash. During this year, he spoke to Loose Women about his struggles with hair loss. Despite having had a hair transplant, you can see some hair thinning here, possibly due to shock loss after the surgery. As a result, Joe Swash later went on to get more hair transplants.

Joe Swash Hair: 2018

Joe Swash was extremely honest about his hair transplant journey in 2018, sharing images from the procedure. It’s not unusual for patients to get more than one hair transplant like Joe Swash did, as the first one may not be enough to restore the entirety of the hair loss.

Joe Swash hair transplant 2018

Joe Swash Hair: 2023

In more recent years, Joe Swash can be seen with a full head of hair that shows no signs of thinning or shedding, proving that his later hair transplants were a complete success. He looks fantastic for it!

What Type of Hair Transplant Did Joe Swash Get?

There has been no confirmation about the kind of hair transplant Joe Swash opted for. However, we can make an educated guess. Joe Swash wasn’t as happy with his first procedure, so we can guess he initially went for the FUT hair transplant. Later, he likely underwent the FUE method, leading to more success and a natural result.

The FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) produces natural results because it extracts individual follicles rather than strips, leading to less scarring. In our eyes, it’s definitely the preferred method.

Is Joe Swash’s Hair Loss Experience Rare?

Absolutely not. Men all over the world experience hair loss, with androgenetic alopecia affecting 50 million men in the United States alone. [2] It can be devastating, even for those not in the limelight like Joe Swash. In an interview with Loose Women [3], Joe Swash’s girlfriend said this about Swash’s hair loss:

“I know Joe (Swash) had curly, lovely thick hair, and it was part of his character, so when it went, it felt like he lost a part of him.”

That feeling of “losing a part of him” is all too real for the millions of people who experience androgenetic alopecia every day. Hopefully, Joe Swash’s openness will have helped others be more open about their insecurities and seek advice and treatments.

Other Celebrities Who Opted for the Hair Transplant Route

It’s not just Joe Swash that has been open about his hair restoration journey. Previous England football captain Wayne Rooney and actor James Nesbitt have also been honest about their hair transplants, which has helped create a sense of normalcy surrounding the procedure.

The celebrities who have come forward about their hair transplants have truly made a difference. Speaking in the Loose Women interview, Joe Swash admitted, [1]

“I tried to keep it secret. I was embarrassed about it and didn’t want them to know. But now Wayne Rooney has had it done, and he’s very open about it and James Nesbitt.”

Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Are you experiencing hair loss? As we mentioned, it’s very common and only becomes more common as you age. It makes sense, then, that a hair transplant may cross your might, but should you get one?

FUE hair transplant procedure

Trying Alternative Hair Restoration Options

It’s typically best to try less invasive hair restoration options before opting for a hair transplant. Here are some options:


Finasteride is an oral DHT-blocking treatment that is usually prescribed to men experiencing enlarged prostates but can also be prescribed to men who have male pattern baldness. The DHT-blocking properties of this medication are what causes hair growth, as DHT is a male hormone responsible for hair loss. Keep in mind that this medication cannot be prescribed to women.


Minoxidil is another medication, but this one is commonly used topically. You must use minoxidil daily to enjoy its hair restoration benefits, which work due to the increase in hair follicle size and blood flow boost.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

A relatively non-invasive procedure that can help stimulate hair growth is low-level laser therapy, which many clinics offer their patients. It takes multiple sessions and around six months to see results.

The FUE Hair Transplant

If none of these methods works for you, or you’re simply ready for a more effective option, the FUE hair transplant is an innovative hair restoration treatment that has helped many men and women enjoy thick, long hair once more. Joe Swash’s hair implants may not have been a success at first, but his later use of the FUE hair transplant method resulted in him enjoying a full head of hair.

The FUE method involves a surgeon extracting individual follicles from the scalp and then transplanting them into the problem area. After around six months, you’ll notice new hairs growing from where they were transplanted. You can take a look at our patients gallery to see what the results look like.

Joe Swash: A Hair Transplant Success Story

The difference a hair transplant can make is incredible. Joe Swash was refreshingly open about his journey, even speaking about it on daytime TV. In his journey, he went from experiencing thinning, receding hair to enjoying a full head of thick, wavy curls again.

Are you interested in a similar treatment for yourself? We offer no-obligation consultations, so you can learn everything you need to know about the FUE hair transplant and whether it’s right for you. Get in touch today or download our hair track app to get started.


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