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Paul's hair transplant results: One year on

We caught up with Paul, an actor, who decided to get a hair transplant with us just over a year ago. We wanted to hear about his experience, how the procedure has had an impact on his life and to take a look at his results.

Paul was first introduced to the Harley Street Hair Clinic by an agency he worked for, who wanted to use Paul for some still photography lifestyle shots for the clinic. Paul had heard about the hair transplant procedure before visiting the clinic but didn’t realise it was a procedure that he could have, or would benefit him as much as it had.

He first noticed that the procedure could have an impact on him during the shoot when one of our doctors drew the hairline we could achieve with a hair transplant. Paul then realised how much hair he had actually lost and what he could achieve with a hair transplant.

Paul noticed his hair was thinning and his hairline was moving further back when he was in his mid-20s, and certain modelling jobs that required certain pushed back hairstyles made his hair loss more obvious. Although at the time, Paul wasn’t bothered about his hair loss, he was bothered by the thought that it would continue.

After a few banterous comments from family and friends about his hair loss and realising in acting the 20-30 bracket is very saturated and it’s important to look your best, Paul decided to return to the clinic and look into getting a hair transplant.

Pauls hair transplant results

As mentioned above, Paul is an actor and he felt that his current hairline was making him look older than his age, something he felt was causing him to miss out on opportunities. With the use of our revolutionary FUE hair transplant technique and our experienced doctors, we were able to restore areas of the hairline that were receding. This resulted in a natural and realistic result that Paul was happy with. Take a look at our video to see Pauls results in full.

Pauls hair transplant advice

After his hair transplant, the most common question Paul heard was ‘does it hurt’. He expressed that pain is what people worry about most when thinking about the procedure. He didn’t find it painful, and the only downside he can remember was having to spray his head every half an hour for a few days after the procedure, he doesn’t remember any issues, only the benefits which have hugely impacted his life for the better.

Pauls main bit of advice is something that we told him, do it in your own time. A hair transplant is not a decision that should be rushed and it is something you should be confident and sure about.

If you would like more information on our hair transplant procedures please contact us today for a no obligation consultation, and take a look at some of our other hair transplant results.

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