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Summer hair care tips

Summer is finally here, and although it’s the season that makes us all excited it’s important to remember to change up your hair care routine. Sitting in the sun, relaxing, and, jumping in the pool to cool off can take its toll on your hair.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we know how important keeping your hair in great condition is. Keeping your hair healthy and strong can help prevent hair loss, here are a few summer hair care tips to keep your hair healthy this summer.

Keep conditioning

We need to keep our body hydrated throughout the hotter months, and just as we need water to survive, your hair needs to replenish its moisture to stay healthy. Using conditioner for your hair is similar to water for the body, you’ll always need it.

It’s important to condition your hair throughout the summer if you’re a dry shampoo fan or you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to wash their hair much use a dry conditioner on the ends of your hair to rehydrate without having to get your hair wet.

Try giving heat style a break

Excessive heat styling can cause the hair to become extremely dry and over time your hair can start to from split ends and break. Summer is the time to take a break from heat styling, let your hair dry naturally during the warmer evenings, let your hair down and embrace those beachy waves if you’re on holiday. Or simply put your hair in a braid overnight and you’ll have beautiful wavy hair the next morning.

Add some oil

We’re probably all familiar with facial oils, and the summer is the perfect time to get familiar with hair oils. Use oils on the ends of wet hair, or even add a few drops into your conditioner or styling cream to give your hair a little moisture boost.

Trim the ends

Throughout the summer your hair can take quite a beating, especially the ends. Split ends and dry tips are not healthy, nor do they look good. Summer is the perfect time to get a haircut, you could opt for something shorter, which might be easier to manage in the heat. Or simply get the ends trimmed to bring some life back to your hair.

UV protection

Just as it’s important to protect our skin from the sun, we should also protect our hair and scalp if we’re planning on spending time outside in the sunshine. Some shampoos contain UV protection, which makes it simple to keep your hair protected. If however, you want to stick to your usual shampoo, simply run hair hands lightly through your hair after applying sun cream to your body.

Switch to a wide-tooth comb

It’s important to remember when your hair is wet it’s more susceptible to breaking and you need to be gentle. Try swapping your brush to a wide-tooth comb, they’re gentler for untangling hair as brushes can pull and tear when they snag strands.

If you would like any information on hair care or hair loss please feel free to book a no obligation consultation to see how we can help you.

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