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Tips and suggestions for coping and dealing with hair loss

Losing your hair can be a very stressful time and for some, it can become quite hard to deal with. A lot of our clients tell us how having a hair transplant completely changed them not just because of their physical appearance, but also mentally.

Sometimes, you might not realise how much of an impact losing your hair is having on you. Today, we’re giving you some tips and suggestions on how to cope with hair loss.

Find out the cause

If you’ve noticed you’re losing your hair and feel as if it is becoming an issue the first thing to do is see a hair loss specialist, or your GP. It is important to remember that hair loss can happen for a number of different reasons.

Some causes of hair loss can be related to issues such as stress, a hormone imbalance and even dietary changes – these types of hair loss are not permeant and small adjustments can be made to stop the hair loss. If your hair loss is due to a factor such as the above, it is nothing to worry about as it can easily be stopped.

Other causes of hair loss, such as male pattern baldness do not have a cure, and this is where different hair restoration treatments can help to not only restore your hair, but also in some cases your confidence and happiness.

Once you’ve found out the cause behind your hair loss you’ll feel much better as you can take the next step in finding a treatment that could help.

Talk to friends

Look around you the next time you’re out with your group of friends, or even when you’re on your way to work tomorrow. Hair loss is something that can affect everyone and the chances are someone you know is going through the same as you.

Talking to a friend about your hair loss and how you’re feeling could make you feel better as you’ll realise hair loss is normal and people you know are dealing with the same issues and the same thoughts that you are. Not only that, they might be able to help you with a few tips that they’ve used to disguise their hair loss or even recommend different treatments.

Change things up

If you’re in the early days of hair loss changing something as simple as how you style your hair can make a huge difference to how you look. Your current hairstyle could be making your hair loss a little more obvious.

Take a trip to your local barber and ask for their opinion on a haircut and style that might work better for you – they work with hair every single day and might be able to help you look and feel better in as little as 15 minutes.

Look into solutions

Don’t think about the problem, think about a solution. Hair loss is something that happens to most men and because of this, the industry for hair loss treatments and hair restoration treatments is booming.

You might find products such as hair concealers work for you, or maybe even after a consultation with a hair loss clinic you might consider hair loss medications and hair restoration treatments. You can also take a look at case studies of people who have experienced hair loss to see how they overcame it and what advise they have.

If you would like to discuss hair loss, please contact us today for a consultation tailored to you – this could help you find out the cause of your hair loss as well as a potential treatment.

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