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Top 4 Tips to Avoid a Bad Hair Transplant

Bad hair transplants are everywhere and sadly it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to figure this out before it’s too late. The number of cheap hair transplants and underqualified doctors is on the rise and the number of bad hair transplants goes hand in hand with this.

We don’t want you to get a bad hair transplant. So, we are going to take a look at three tips you should follow to avoid a bad transplant. These might seem like common sense once you read them, but when you’re new to hair transplants, you might not know what’s best and it’s important to get the basics out of the way.

# 1 Don’t Go Abroad

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room. The rise in medical tourism is huge and a lot of people don’t know the risks involved.

Lots of cosmetic procedures, including hair transplants in places like Turkey sound appealing. However, they are often performed by underqualified surgeons and the medical facilities are not as highly regulated. The chances of running into issues are higher when you are abroad, and you then have the issue of returning to the same clinic, which could end up costing you more than you had planned.

# 2 Do Your Research

When choosing a transplant provider, do your research. You should know exactly what you’re getting into before you approach a company.

Lots of hair transplant providers have testimony from past clients. This is a good way to get an unbiased opinion. Take a look at different platforms such as Google and Trustpilot – not just the company website.

Take a look at professional medical bodies such as the Care Quality Commission and the Royal Society of Medicine to get a professional and accurate idea of the quality of the facilities and the doctors.

Weigh up all factors, not just hair transplant cost. A lot of people focus on the cost of a hair transplant but just remember, this is a procedure for life and you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible results for your money. This could mean paying slightly more but know you’re in good hands.

#3 Listen To Your Surgeons

It’s important to remember to listen to your surgeons, even once you’ve left the clinic. You’ll get given personalized after-care instructions and these instructions will make sure that your transplant is a success and minimize the risk of running into issues when you leave the clinic.

# 4 Never rush into a decision

It can get quite overwhelming when looking for the right clinic, there are plenty of providers out there, but not all of them are good. Never rush into booking a hair transplant and make sure you really take your time and think about the decision before you book.

We recommend booking in for a few different consultations as this is the best way to get a feel for the clinic you’re visiting and the doctors there. A good clinic will know that this is a big decision and will not pressure you into making a decision quickly. Go home and think about your options and weigh everything up.

If you have any questions about our FUE hair transplants please book a no-obligation consultation today.

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