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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.

ATP: The treatment to try this summer

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is a revolutionary treatment offered exclusively at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. Today we’re going through how our treatment works, a few of our frequently asked questions and telling you why it’s the treatment to try this summer.

What is ATP?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, or ATP, is a treatment offered at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. The treatment is a pigmentation delivery system that is used to help build the appearance of hair on the scalp, or the face. The treatment replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles and tiny hair strokes.

The treatment can be used for a variety of different clients. Those who have thinning hair and would like to restore the appearance of a full head of hair can use ATP to add the appearance of density. The pigmentation is used on areas of the scalp where the hair is visibly thinner, the pigmentation can then add the appearance of density and make the hair look fuller.

Unlike other methods of hair restoration, such as an FUE hair transplant, ATP can dramatically change the appearance of those with little to no hair. Our team of experts work to firstly create a natural and realistic looking hairline and use the pigmentation to create the appearance of tiny hair follicles all over the scalp, the end result produces the appearance of a full head of closely shaven hair.

How does ATP work?

Our treatment works in a similar way to other pigmentation delivery systems such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) and is also similar to how a tattoo works. We pride ourselves in how advanced and revolutionary our procedure is, the system was built from the ground up with the sole purpose of replicating hair and unlike other treatments was not just modified to do this.

With the use of the best equipment, staff and pigments we are able to produce the most natural and realistic looking results possible – you can see some of our amazing results here.

Advanced Trico Pigmentation: FAQs

How long will the treatment take?

The length of the treatment will vary dependant on the size of the area being treated. However, for most people, you will need three sessions and each session will take around 2 to 4 hours – this will change depending on if you a smaller/larger area treated.

Will I need further treatment in the future

ATP is a permanent hair restoration procedure; however, it is advised that you return to the clinic in the future for a top up treatment. Your initial treatment will never completely fade, however, top up treatments are advised to ensure results continue to look as realistic and natural as possible.

The treatment will soften over an extended period of time and most require a top up treatment every 4-7 years. This will depend on your skin type and the amount of time spent in direct sunlight.

What is the aftercare like?

With ATP you’ll need minimal recovery time and the aftercare is simple and straightforward. It is advised that you do not wash your scalp for the first two days following your treatment and you should avoid any unnecessary sweating to the scalp for around seven days post treatment (this includes going to the gym, sauna, beach or any other place that may cause you to sweat).

The aftercare instructions for each person will differ slightly depending on individual characteristics and your treatment. Some of our patients will need a scalp moisturiser depending on your skin type, to help healing and recovery. Before you leave the clinic, we will brief you on a fully personalised aftercare guide that will include any medication, if needed, as well as a list of recommended products.

Why should I try this treatment?

Summer is almost here, and with these long sunny days we’re experiencing it’s easy to think about your summer holiday and how you might want to look your best. Treatments such as FUE hair transplants can take months for you to see your results. ATP is different in that, you’ll be able to see your results as soon as the treatment is finished.

ATP is the perfect treatment for someone who wants to see results instantly. If you are interested in our treatment, please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.



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