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Danny Ings hair transplant

Some celebrities undergo cosmetic procedures and keep them under wraps, making people speculate about whether or not they had it done. Others prefer to be completely open about it. Danny Ings, the professional English footballer, falls into the latter category. After experiencing some hair loss around his hairline, he underwent a hair transplant at a hair clinic in London to enjoy a full head of hair going forward. Now, when seen on the football pitch, there isn’t a single sign that he’d ever experienced hair loss.

Who is Danny Ings? All About the Famous English Footballer

Anyone who keeps up with English football knows the name Danny Ings. He is an English footballer currently playing for West Ham in the premier league, having previously played for teams such as AFC Bournemouth, Liverpool, Burnley, and Aston Villa. He’s also had a good international football career, having played professionally for the England team several times over the years.

Being such a prominent figure in English football, it makes sense that he wanted to manage his appearance. It’s not always easy to deal with hair loss, and Danny Ings took the initiative to fix it so that he could regain his confidence. The results show that he made the right decision.

Danny Ings’ Hairline Over the Years

Looking at Danny Ings’ hairline over the years, it becomes clear why he opted for hair restoration surgery.

Danny Ings Hair: 2013

During the early years of his professional football career, Danny Ings seemed to have a full head of hair. There’s no real sign of hair loss here – you can see an uneven hairline, but this is quite natural.

Danny Ings hair 2013

Danny Ings Hair: 2017

His hairline changed a little from 2013 to 2017 – specifically, his hairline looks a lot less uneven. This straight hairline could indicate that he got a hair transplant between 2013 and 2017, but that has not been confirmed, and it could be a case of changing hairstyles.

Danny Ings Hair: 2020

You can see that Danny Ings started experiencing hair loss around 2020 onwards when his hair was thinning at the top. Without a hair loss treatment like a hair transplant, this would have likely gotten progressively worse over the years, potentially leaving him completely bald on top before too long. As it happens, he decided to do something about his thinning hair not long after this.

Danny Ings Hair: 2023

Due to Danny Ings’ hair loss, he got a hair transplant in 2023. He was very open about his hair transplant, even taking a picture on the same day of the procedure while shaking hands with the doctor who performed the surgery. He’s clearly happy about how it went!

Danny Ings hair transplant 2023

Danny Ings Hair: Post Hair Transplant

Directly following the hair transplant, Danny Ings sported a shaved head, which is very common for those who have undergone the procedure (although not always essential). Following this, he has been able to grow out a full head of locks, which has restored lots of confidence in him! There is no doubt that the surgery was a massive success for the English premier league footballer. Danny Ings’ new hair looks fantastic!

Why Did Danny Ings Suffer from Hair Loss?

You might think that Danny Ings was a little young to experience hair loss, but that’s not really the case, as male pattern baldness is common even in younger men, with 16% of men aged between 18-29 experiencing moderate to excessive hair loss. [1] Unfortunately for Danny Ings, he fell into that statistic. Danny Ings’ hair loss resulted in thinning hair on the top, a clear sign of male pattern baldness. Really, there probably wasn’t anything he could have done to prevent it without treatment, as male pattern baldness is a genetic condition.

What Type of Hair Transplant Did Danny Ings Get?

Danny Ings got a follicular unit extraction FUE transplant. This is one of two common types of hair transplants, with the other being FUT (follicular unit transplantation). FUE is generally considered to be the superior method, as the surgeon can extract individual hair follicles to transplant them to the balding area, creating an extremely natural result.

How Much Did Danny Ings’ Hair Transplant Cost?

Danny Ings forked out quite a bit of cash for his hair transplant! It’s estimated that he paid around £17,000 for his hair transplant. [2] However, that cost won’t be the same for everyone – it’s likely Danny Ings paid some VIP treatment fees. With how much money he makes as a professional footballer, he likely didn’t mind paying the full price, especially considering how successful the treatment was in the end. You can’t put a price on confidence!

Other Celebs Who Have Had a Hair Transplant

Danny Ings is certainly not the first celebrity – or even the first English footballer – to undergo a hair transplant. Another footballer who has had one done is Wayne Rooney, who, like Danny Ings, chose to be completely open about the procedure. Then, some footballers are speculated to have had the procedure, including David Beckham and Harry Kane. It’s understandable that so many footballers would get a hair transplant – not only because male pattern hair loss is so prevalent but also because they are often under bright lights and in front of cameras. They want to look their best!

Of course, plenty of non-footballer celebrities have had hair transplants over the years, too. Rob Brydon, James Nesbitt, and John Travolta have all opted for this hair restoration surgery to restore their looks and enjoy thick locks once more.

Is a Hair Transplant Right for You?

Have you suffered hair loss similar to Danny Ings? Male pattern baldness affects millions of men all over the world, so it wouldn’t be surprising. You may be considering getting a hair transplant just like Danny Ings and many other footballers and celebrities. Of course, there are a few things to consider first:

Have You Tried Other Hair Loss Treatments?

It’s typically recommended to try at least one other hair loss treatment before diving into a hair transplant. Something like minoxidil for male or female pattern hair loss works very well. You can speak to your doctor or dermatologist about different hair loss treatments, but if none of them works or you’d rather choose a permanent solution, a hair transplant may be the best route.

What’s the Cause of Your Hair Loss?

Not every cause of hair loss makes a hair transplant a viable option. Shock hair loss, for example, often grows back after some time, so it might be better to wait before opting for surgery. Usually, it’s people with androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss) who experience the best results from a hair transplant.

Do You Have a Good Donor Area?

To get a hair transplant, you’ll usually need a good donor area on your head – often the back and sides. The denser this hair is, the better of a candidate you are. There are some other types of hair transplants if you don’t have a donor area on your head, however. For example, some hair clinics will be able to use your beard area, arms, or legs as a donor area if necessary.

Do You Have the Finances?

There is no denying that a hair transplant can be costly. Can you afford it? The good news is many hair clinics offer financing options so you can pay for the surgery over time, but it’s still a good idea to check in with your finances to ensure you can comfortably cover all the costs.

Have You Done Your Research?

Knowing that some of your favourite celebrities have had a hair transplant is a good start and insight into hair transplants, but it’s best to do more research than that to determine whether you’re a good candidate. The best thing to do is attend a consultation with a surgeon so you can ask all the questions you need to. At Harley Street Hair Clinic, we have a fantastic hair track app that allows you to book consultations and keep track of your hair growth, so download that today if you want to get started on your hair restoration journey.

Danny Ings Hair Transplant: In Summary

Danny Ings is one of the celebrities who has spoken openly about his hair transplant, even going as far as sharing a picture of the day he got the surgery done. After experiencing thinning hair, this hair transplant allowed him to regrow thick, luscious locks once more, which has restored his confidence and made him look even better while playing for West Ham! There’s no denying that he’s happy with the results.

Are you interested in seeing the results of ordinary folks? It’s not just celebrities and footballers who get hair transplants; many people with normal jobs also get the procedure to enjoy a full head of hair. If you want more evidence that hair transplant surgery works, look at our patients gallery.



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