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More and more celebrities are opting to get a hair transplant when they start losing their hair. It makes sense, considering hair transplants have come so far over the years. Where once celebs had to deal with unnatural-looking hair plugs, now they can be in and out of a clinic within a day, experiencing natural hair growth within as little as six months.

One celeb that has potentially hopped on the trend is footballer David Silva. While he hasn’t openly spoken about getting a hair transplant, there is a lot of evidence to suggest he got the procedure. You would agree after looking at David Silva’s hair over the years!

Who is David Silva?

Davis Silva is a former Spanish footballer who played for Manchester City for ten years before moving on to Real Sociedad for three years. He played both midfielder and central during his career and was known for his incredible passing skills. In fact, he was so good his teammates would call him El Mago and Merlin!

While most people were enveloped by his fantastic skills showcased in the Premier League, his hair also brought him some attention over the years. Specifically, how he was able to regrow his hair after experiencing early male pattern baldness, which affects around 20% of men between the ages of 20 and 30. [1]

Did David Silva Get a Hair Transplant?

There is no confirmation from David Silva that he had a hair transplant. However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t get one – after all, many celebs prefer to keep quiet about the work they have done. While we cannot 100% confirm David Silva’s hair transplant, we can provide evidence to show that he likely did get one. Thankfully, it looks great!

What Kind of Hair Transplant Did David Silva Likely Get?

David Silva’s hair transplant likely used the FUE technique. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and is a method that extracts single hair follicles and places them into the balding area. Due to the meticulous nature of the procedure, the results are incredibly natural, which is why we believe that’s the one that David Silva got – if you look at him now, you wouldn’t be able to tell he had a hair transplant. It’s only by looking at David Silva’s balding hair and comparing it to now that it becomes obvious.

A Timeline of David Silva’s Hairline

Here is a timeline of David Silva’s hair, showing his progression from hair loss to restoration.

hair transplant David Silva

2002-2004: Playing for Valencia 

David Silva’s career began in 2002, which is when he was playing for Valencia as a youth player. He was only a teenager at this point, and his hairline looked quite normal and healthy, with only a slight indication that he was receding at the temples.

2005-2006: On Loan to Celta

Progressing from being a youth player, David Silva moved to being on loan to Celta. In terms of David Silva’s haircut at this stage, he rocked a long hair look. Due to this, it’s hard to see whether he was experiencing a receding hairline at the temples.

2010-2016: Playing for Manchester City 

The highlight of David Silva’s career was playing for Manchester City, where he was in the limelight. During this time, his hair loss became much more visible. During the 2010s, he carried on rocking long hair, but when his hair would blow back from the wind, it was clear that he was experiencing quite extreme recession at the temples.

2017: The Buzzcut

While he was still playing for Manchester City (which he did until 2020), he made a striking decision – he shaved his head. At this point, David Silva was bald, indicating he was tired of his receding hairline. Not only that, but there was some visible scarring to show that he may have gotten his hair transplant during this stage. So, we can speculate that David Silva’s hair transplant took place in 2017.

2018: Hair Regrowth 

With David Silva still in the spotlight playing for Manchester City, everyone could see the evidence of his hair transplant. When his hair began to grow back, his hairline was much more forward – he had a lot more hair than he had previously.

2020-2023: Real Sociedad

David Silva left Manchester City in 2020, moving on to play for Real Sociedad. During this time, he has worn his hair reasonably long with a fringe. It’s obvious that David Silva’s hair transplant was a complete success – he is now able to grow a full head of hair with no problem.

David Silva’s Hair Transplant: How Much Did it Cost?

Without David Silva saying exactly how much he spent on a hair transplant, it’s hard to say. However, we can make an educated guess. The number of grafts is one determining factor for the price. Assuming David Silva was at stage 3 of the Norwood scale just before his hair transplant, it’s safe to assume he got up to 2,500 grafts, which would have cost him around £6,500. This may sound very expensive, but for a footballer who was constantly in the public eye, it was surely a small price to pay for great hair! Assuming he hand-picked the best surgeon for the job, he may have even spent more than that.

Which Other Footballers Have Had a Hair Transplant?

There are many footballers with hair transplants – more than you might think. It’s a common procedure thanks to the prevalence of male pattern baldness. Here are some of the footballers who have had it done.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney played as a professional footballer for England for many years. In 2013, after experiencing hair loss, he decided to opt for a hair transplant here at Harley Street Hair Clinic. He was very transparent about the procedure – he sent an open message to his fans on social media telling them that he had had it done. The results are incredible; Rooney’s hairline is now much more forward, and he’s able to grow plenty of hair.

Antonio Conte

The great Italian footballer Antonio Conte, unfortunately, experienced a lot of hair thinning during the height of his football popularity. Move forward to today, and he now boasts a full head of hair. While he hasn’t said it’s thanks to a hair transplant, it’s hard to imagine any other way he grew his hair from extreme hair loss to a full head.

Antonio Conte hair transplant

Rob Holding 

Another success story is Rob Holding. The arsenal player was seen with a receding hairline while on the pitch. After experiencing a lack of self-confidence due to this, he decided to opt for a hair transplant in 2021. It was an excellent decision, as he is now seen sporting a full head of hair, even using a headband to push back his hair, showcasing a healthy-looking hairline!

Of course, other celebs apart from footballers have had a hair transplant, including actor Steve Fletcher, TV chef Gordon Ramsey, and comedian Jimmy Carr.

Why Do So Many Footballers Get Hair Transplants?

There is a long list of footballers who have gotten hair transplants over the years. The question is, why so many? There are several reasons for this.

The Spotlight

Footballers are major celebrities, which means they are in the spotlight on and off the field. When they’re on the pitch, they have bright lights and cameras pointing directly at them, as well as thousands of people watching. When they’re off the pitch, they are often snapped by paparazzi, with many of the pictures ending up online and in magazines.

The Permanence 

Many footballers opt for a hair transplant (rather than other hair restoration treatments) due to its permanence. With a hair transplant, you can make the most of a full head of hair forever. This is very different from a hair restoration treatment like minoxidil, which you have to use every single day for the results to continue.

The Natural Results 

One of the main reasons many footballers like David Silva choose a hair transplant over other options, such as a wig, is that the results are incredibly natural. The FUE hair transplant is especially natural-looking. With how much spotlight is on football players on the field, it’s important for the results to look natural, and this type of hair loss treatment provides just that.

The Psychological Aspect 

Male pattern baldness can lead to a lot of psychological issues, including a lack of confidence that may even lead to anxiety and depression. There’s even evidence that it can affect performance at work, [2] which is something that would really affect professional footballers. It makes sense, then, that so many footballers have opted for hair transplants; if it can help them feel more confident in their looks and abilities, it is more than worth it.

Want a Hair Transplant like David Silva?

Want to join the likes of the footballers with hair transplants? Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we offer natural-looking results to all our clients. Using the incredible FUE method, we extract individual grafts to create a natural full head of hair, with growth happening in as little as six months. Schedule a consultation today to get started!


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