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Eyebrow tattooing for hair loss

While hair loss is typically associated with a thinning or balding scalp, it can also target another part of the body: the eyebrows. This one can be tough to deal with as eyebrows are an important feature of the face, and losing them can make you feel less confident in your appearance.

That’s where eyebrow restoration options come into play. There are two big players here: eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow restoration. Both are popular options for giving the appearance of fuller brows, but which one is better? Below, you’ll find exactly what to expect from each hair loss treatment, including both pros and cons.

What is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyebrow tattooing is how it sounds: a tattoo of the eyebrows. It involves needle and ink, with the tattooist creating thin lines along your brows to give the effect of real hair. While permanent, eyebrow tattoos are notorious for fading over time, and the lines can even blur together.

There’s also microblading, which is very similar to eyebrow tattooing. However, it’s a less permanent option (lasting up to three years) and uses a blading technique. Microblading is typically less painful and produces a more natural result, but results don’t last nearly as long and often end up costing you more in the long run.

Eyebrow restoration for hair loss

What is Eyebrow Restoration?

Eyebrow restoration, also known as an eyebrow hair transplant, is a cosmetic surgery involving hair follicles from a donor area (such as the scalp) and transplanting them into balding or thinning eyebrows. It’s a very minor type of cosmetic surgery, with minimal recovery time. Also, the results are very natural, as it results in actual hairs growing through after a matter of months.

Why Are They Necessary?

Eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow transplants are not necessary for any medical reasons; instead, they are an entirely cosmetic procedure. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important, though. Losing your brows can have an extreme effect on your confidence, as the loss of the framing can alter the appearance of your face quite significantly. In fact, eyebrows have been proven to be an essential factor in facial recognition. [1]

There are a couple of reasons a person might lose their brows, such as:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Overplucking
  • Skin Conditions
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Ageing
  • An Underactive Thyroid
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Genetic Factors

If you’ve experienced eyebrow loss for any reason, it’s safe to assume you’ve considered an eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow transplant surgery. Let’s get into the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Tattooing

First, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of eyebrow tattooing so you can decide for yourself whether it’s a good option for you.


Immediate Results

Eyebrow tattoos produce immediate results. While you may experience some scabbing and scarring immediately after the procedure, you’ll also be able to see the eyebrows as soon as you get home. On the other hand, eyebrow restoration takes a few months to produce results.

Results Can Look Natural

The words “tattoo” and “natural” may not sound synonymous, but going to a good technician can provide a result that looks like natural eyebrow hairs. That’s the important part – choosing an artist who knows what they’re doing. In an article with Glamour [2], Susan Yara talks about her experience choosing an eyebrow tattooist:

“Seeing Bossavy’s work made me realize there really is an art to tattoo makeup. What first drew me to her is her Instagram. Like I said above, thanks to social media, it’s so easy to see the results of an artists’ work now. It’s literally at your fingertips—and I loved every single image I swiped through.”

So, you can enjoy the advantage of natural results as long as you do your research first!

No Need for a Donor Area

While eyebrow restoration requires a donor area, eyebrow tattoos do not. They use ink, so there’s no requirement for you to have any hair on your body (which can be beneficial for those with a medical condition like alopecia universalis).

Minimal Recovery

You don’t need to take time off work or stay at home after eyebrow tattooing. While you may experience some scabbing, you likely won’t feel much pain after the procedure (side effects of slight itching can be normal).


It’s Not Real Hair

While eyebrow tattoos – especially those done by an experienced professional – can look very natural, they are still not actual hair as eyebrow restoration is. The strokes can look good, but they’ll never fully represent eyebrow hair like natural eyebrows or an eyebrow transplant would.

It Fades

If you pay good money for a tattoo, you expect the results to last and last, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for eyebrow tattoos or microblading.

Results May Look Unnatural

One of the biggest fears people have when getting eyebrow tattoos is that they won’t look natural. If you go to someone who isn’t as experienced in eyebrow tattoos, you may end up with a pair of brows that look like anything but natural hair. Even the microblading option can look very unnatural if handled by someone with little experience.

It May be Painful

Like most tattoos, eyebrow tattoos can be painful. Of course, this depends on your pain tolerance and how much you need filling in. It’s different for everyone.

The Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Restoration

So, what about eyebrow restoration? Here are the pros and cons of this procedure.


The Results are Very Natural

One of the best things about eyebrow transplants is that they produce very real, natural results. Eyebrow transplants work by relocating real hair, so it won’t look like you have drawn the eyebrows on with a brow pencil. As a result, you’ll experience more nuanced facial expressions and increased self-confidence.

It’s Permanent

Eyebrow restoration surgery provides permanent results. You often only need one procedure to enjoy the results forever, so you never have to worry about filling in your brows again!


It Can Be More Expensive

When compared to the cost of an eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow transplants cost more money, often somewhere between £3000 and £5000. However, it’s important to keep in mind that results are permanent, so it’s only a one-time payment. Some clinics also offer monthly payment options to reduce the burden of the upfront cost.

It Takes Time for Hairs to Grow Through

The results are not immediate, like with eyebrow tattoos. It takes a few months to see the new hairs coming through and up to a year for full results. However, the natural and permanent nature of the results make it worth it to many people.

A Touch Up May be Necessary

While many patients only need one procedure, you may need a touch-up at some point. That usually takes place after a couple of years and is something to keep in mind.

The Consensus

Eyebrow restoration is the overall winner here. While eyebrow tattoos can create the appearance of fine eyebrow hairs, they often fade over time, and you may end up going to a technician who doesn’t know how to make a natural look for your particular brows. On the other hand, eyebrow restoration provides a real, natural result; it leads to actual hairs growing in the brow area and the results last forever. You will wake up in the morning with a complete set of brows without worrying about them fading or blurring into each other!

Is Eyebrow Reconstruction Right for You?

We’ve established that eyebrow reconstruction is the overarching winner when up against eyebrow tattoos, but is it the best option for you individually? If you tick off points from this list, the chances are it’s a good idea:

  • You show signs and symptoms of eyebrow hair loss
  • You have naturally thin brows
  • You want a permanent solution
  • You’re tired of using makeup to fill in the eyebrow area

Of course, it’s necessary to get a consultation with a plastic surgeon before any hair transplant procedures. During a consultation, you can talk through the treatment in full and figure out whether you’re a good candidate or not. Download our fantastic hair track app to gain access to free consultations with top surgeons.

Eyebrow mapping

How to Restore Eyebrows at Home

Are you not yet ready to jump in the deep end? If you want to try other solutions before opting for eyebrow hair restoration, there are some simple methods for restoring your eyebrows at home:

  • Filling in with Eyebrow Pencil
  • Using Hair Oils
  • Using an Eyebrow Growth Serum
  • Dyeing Your Brows at Home

Of course, not all of these will work for everyone – eyebrow growth serums don’t always work, and not everyone wants to fill their brows with makeup every morning. It’s about finding a solution that works for you, and for many, the easy and natural result of eyebrow restoration is the best option by far.

Get in Touch Today

Are you interested in eyebrow restoration? If you’ve experienced the loss of your brows, whether thanks to years of over-plucking or alopecia, this permanent solution can help you. Here at Harley Street Hair Clinic, we have highly trained, experienced surgeons who have been in the business for many years and can help you achieve highly natural results. Get in touch today to get started! You can also take a look at our patients gallery if you want to see what we can do for you. 


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