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The Halo Code

A group of campaigners have created a black hair code in a bid to end discrimination against those from African and Caribbean backgrounds.

Both schools and workplaces are being encouraged to sign up for the Halo code. The Halo Code supports students and staff to wear their Afro hair however they wish.

We are proud to say that the Harley Street Hair Clinic supports The Halo Code and we want to share a little bit more about the campaign to help spread awareness.

What is the Halo Code?

The Halo Code is a guide created by a group of campaigners that hopes to educate more employers and teachers about Natural Afro Hair and help to normalize protective hairstyles.

Many people from African and Caribbean backgrounds have experienced discrimination because of their natural hair. Katiann Rocha, the 16-year-old who co-founded the Halo Code has experienced comments referring to her hair as “messy”, “unkempt” and “wild”. Creating the Halo Code is something that she hopes will prevent discrimination around hairstyles and texture.

Telling Radio 1 Newsbeat, Rocha said “It will allow for black people to be fully accepted in an environment that celebrates their natural hair and styles because we’ve been discriminated against it for so long,”

The Halo Code explicitly protects both students and staff with natural hair and hairstyles that are associated with their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities. The Halo Code wants to ensure people feel confident to go to school and work being completely themselves.

Having been adopted by some of the UK’s biggest employers, we’re so happy to say that we’ll be adopting the code and protecting our workers, and we hope all companies follow suit.

You can read more about The Halo Code, here.

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