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How to Handle a Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is when the natural hairline moves further back on the forehead as a result of hair loss. Hairlines typically do not recede uniformly and it is common for a receding hairline to start on the sides of the forehead.

There are a number of hair loss causes that can result in hair loss, and a receding hairline. These can include serious underlying conditions that should be discussed with a doctor. However, for most, a receding hairline can just be a natural occurrence as we age, in both men and women.

Don’t panic – is it even a receding hairline?

As you age, it’s normal to see your hairline change slightly. The most obvious change happens in the teenage years where your hairline (which has slightly rounded edges) becomes slightly higher and less defined. This is simply your hairline maturing – this can happen anywhere between the ages of 17-29 and is nothing to worry about.

You might think your hair is already starting to recede, but really, it’s just your hairline changing slightly as you grow. We have lots of resources for maturing hairlines vs receding hairlines.

Document it

As you would if you were on a health journey, it’s important to document your hair loss. Take photos, this could be once a week or once a month of your hairline. This will allow you to see how it’s changing over time, and if it’s dramatic enough to actually worry about. This is also a huge help for doctors if you want to look into hair restoration options as it allows us to see how your hairline has changed over time, and predict future hair loss which is really important when planning a good hair transplant.

Look at hair loss medication

There are preventative measures available to help slow hair loss, hair loss medication can be used for those who are starting to notice significant hair loss and want to temporarily stop it. Medication has to be taken daily but it can work to slow down hair loss. However, it’s important to remember that medication will need to be taken continuously to stop hair loss from happening.

Look at hair restoration treatments

Although there is no treatment for male pattern baldness, there are treatments that can help to restore your hair and bring back the appearance of a fuller head of hair. At The Harley Street Hair Clinic, we offer a range of hair restoration treatments that can help those with a receding hairline.

If you are worried about your hair loss, we recommend visiting us for a no-obligation consultation where one of our doctors will guide you through our procedures including our revolutionary FUE hair transplant, which, is the most natural hair restoration treatment currently available, take a look at some of our hair transplant results here.

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