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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.


Hair loss in women is just as common as balding in men. The condition is very common if it is a reaction to illness, stress or medication.

It is very rarely however seen in the same form as male pattern baldness, as women tend to lose hair evenly rather than receding at the front and suffering severe thinning at the crown.

One of the causes associated with women’s hair loss in particular is a change in hormone levels, and as such more females experience thinning during pregnancy or after the menopause.

The change in hormonal levels causes the hair follicles to enter a resting stage. The loss of hair is delayed by around three months, which is the typical amount of time it takes for follicles to go from resting to shedding stage.

Once the hairs have been shed, many women find that normal hair growth is resumed after around three months as long as hormonal levels even out. It is possible to treat some women’s hair loss by altering their diet to restore desirable nutrient levels in the body, or by taking a vitamin supplement.

Vitamins cannot reverse baldness for men; this is purely because they are not able to make hair grow. Vitamins are however essential to promote growth for the hairs that are already present.

Ensuring you consume the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals will help the hair growth cycle work better and help to keep hair healthy and strong.

Vitamin B which is found in; bulgar wheat, lentils, green peas, brown rice and oats is essential for maintaining healthy skin, eyes and hair.

Vitamins E & C, which are found in; sunflower seeds, almonds, mango, kiwi and broccoli can help to transfer oxygen in the blood flow and improve blood circulation to the scalp- reducing the risk of hair loss.

Minerals iron found in; red meat, lentils and chicken, and zinc found in; lamb, turkey and chocolate are needed to achieve healthy and strong hair.

If you consume the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals your hair will be healthier and stronger, which helps to promote growth.

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