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Why hair transplants can fail

Hair transplants are a revolutionary procedure that can help those who are thinning or balding have a head of natural hair again. A hair transplant, however, is a huge procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Today we’re looking into the reason behind hair transplant failures and how you can avoid that happening to you.

The Grafts Are Not Handled Properly

The most important part of your hair transplant is having enough grafts to transplant from one area of the head to another area of the head. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we take the utmost care when looking after your grafts, as we know your hair is a precious resource. We use the best and most sophisticated equipment available to minimise any risks and to ensure we get the maximum result possible out of each transplanted and harvested graft.

Mishandling grafts is one of the most common causes of hair transplant failure, even after they’ve been transplanted because they can die of shock or trauma.

Improperly Placed Grafts Can Cause Hair Transplant Failure

It is very important to place the hair grafts correctly and this requires a special skill that takes a long time to acquire. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we only use highly skilled doctors for all of our hair transplant procedures.

Our doctors are all highly trained and handle all grafts delicately and ensure they are placed to mimic natural hair growth. This means that during regrowth you won’t be pulling out hair, and it will fall the same away as your natural locks.

Poor Use Of Donor Hair

Some clinics will do hair transplants with donor grafts from other areas of the body, and in some cases use other people’s hair. Using donor hair from other areas of the body or other people will not work as well as the donor hair from your head.

Not only will using the wrong donor grafts result in your hair transplant not looking as natural as possible it also has a higher chance of failing. There is a chance of the hair being rejected and falling out, causing the most obvious hair transplant failure

You’re An Unsuitable Candidate

Hair transplants are amazing procedures that can transform someone with thinning or balding hair, however, not everyone is a suitable candidate. From time to time we get clients coming to the clinic who are either not ready for a hair transplant or are not suitable for one.

Getting a hair transplant if you’re not a suitable candidate can lead to your hair transplant failing in the future. During one of our consultations, we look into future hair loss to ensure your hair transplant will continue to look good in years to come. For example, hair loss will need to have stabilised as undergoing the procedure whilst you’re still in the midsts of shedding, it’s likely to cause bad results and a hair transplant failure in the future.

If you get a transplant at a clinic who do not look into your current hair loss situation and assess future hair loss you could end up with a hair transplant that doesn’t look great in a few years time.

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision and there is a lot to consider, picking the right hair transplant clinic will help you reduce the risk of a failing hair transplant. It is important to pick the right procedure, such as FUE as that has the best hair transplant success rate.

If you would like any information on how to pick the right clinic or if you have any questions on how we can help you please book a no obligation consultation today.

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