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Hair Track: Our revolutionary hair tracking app

We have launched a new mobile app, “Hair Track”. Designed to help individuals track their hair loss and growth. Download the app today.

Treatment type

FUE Eyebrow Transplant
Treatment date

July 1, 2020

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When Chloe was a teenager having the thinnest eyebrows possible was on trend and, in an effort to achieve this look, she over-plucked resulting in parts of her eyebrows unfortunately never growing back.

“As a woman, when you feel like you can’t either take the trash out or just stop by Waitrose without having to do your makeup then there’s a problem”

In order to improve the look of her thin eyebrows Chloe first decided to try microblading, a tattooing technique that mimics the look of eyebrow hair. Whilst she was happy with the improvement, it was a painful process and she had to regularly top it up to avoid fading.

In search of a longer term solution Chloe visited The Harley Street Hair Clinic where she was introduced to our cutting edge eyebrow restoration treatment. Similar to a hair transplant, the process works by taking donor hair from the back of the head and then transplanting it to the eyebrows to help achieve fuller brows. 

“It feels like they’ve always been there… it just feels very natural and that’s exactly what I wanted”

Four months after her procedure Chloe visited the clinic for a check up with her doctor and we were pleased to film a short update with her. As with all hair transplants, the regrowth of the transplanted hairs takes between six to twelve months and we were pleased to see Chloe’s progress at this early stage. We look forward to seeing the final result later in the year!

“Now they’re here for the rest of my life… I’m very happy. They are exactly as I wanted them to be.”

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