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Treatment type

FUE Hair Transplant
Treatment date

January 19, 2016


Norwood 4

Grafts 1856
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Jonathan Saccone-Joly is a high profile YouTuber and vlogger.  He is well known for videoing every aspect of his life, along with his wife – Anna Saccone-Joly. They document every minute of their lives, including the birth of their children, cooking dinner and any other daily activity.

As with every aspect of his life, Jonathan was very open about his surgery. He posted to both Instagram and Twitter about his experience undergoing an FUE hair transplant with us.
Jonathan suffered from male pattern baldness, which left him with the typical receding horseshoe shape, and needed a hair transplant to fill in the missing frontal patches. However, not all cases are like this, so it is best to use a hair graft calculator to work out what you will require.
Jonathan had a full FUE transplant procedure, which involved taking donor hair follicles from the back and sides of the head, and implant them at the front to give a thicker, fuller hairline.
Jonathan had a 2 day session, where we restored density in the frontal- Midsection and rebuilt the hairline. We look forward to seeing his result develop over the coming months on you tube and his social media channels. We recommend you follow his entertaining Vlogs.

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