Am I a good hair transplant candidate?

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Losing your hair can be a horrible time, you might start to feel self-conscious and your confidence might have taken a knock. It’s easy to start looking online and researching hair loss and different treatments and cures.

Today we’re taking a look at our hair transplant procedure and looking at different factors that can determine who is a good candidate.


Men can start to lose hair from as young as 18, and sometimes it can cause them a lot of concern – this doesn’t always mean you need a hair transplant. Below the age of 30, a man’s hair loss pattern is not fully established and can be quite unpredictable. With this in mind, it can be difficult to produce a hair transplant that is future proof.

When we plan a hair transplant we keep future hair loss in mind, and this means planning the transplant with future hair loss in mind. Due to this, sometimes if you are quite young it can be difficult to ensure your hair transplant results will last into the future. With this in mind, we do not like to offer our hair transplant treatment to those of a younger age.

Hair density

Hair density is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting a hair transplant. The procedure is an amazing hair restoration treatment that can work to restore a fuller looking head of hair, however, it cannot work miracles. You need to have hair in order to have a hair transplant.

Our doctors will look at the density of your hair before deciding if you’re right for a hair transplant, a good candidate needs to have healthy hair growing at the back and sides of the scalp in order for us to successfully donate these follicles to other areas of the scalp. In some cases, those who are quite old and have a very low hair density are not always right for a hair transplant. Other treatments, such as advanced tricho pigmentation can be offered.

General health

Hair transplantation is only considered as a minor surgery, however, there are still risks involved and being in optimum health is very important. Patients over 45 are required to have an ECG check to check the health of their heart. Other medical factors that can vary from patient to patient will be discussed during a consultation, and these can determine If you’re a good candidate.

Book a consultation

Although there are factors that can determine if someone is a good candidate for a hair transplant, this doesn’t mean those who differ to this cannot have a hair transplant. Every person is different and every transplant is different. The best and most accurate way to see if you’re right for a hair transplant is booking in for a consultation.

During the consultation process at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we will assess your hair loss and discuss all of the factors mentioned above to see how we can help you. If you’re not the right candidate for a hair transplant, you might be suitable for one of our other hair restoration treatments. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation.
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