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Can Man Buns Cause Baldness?

For men, one common issue that they do not want to happen is hair loss. Baldness is often thought about as part and parcel of getting old, but it seems that hair loss occurs early than anticipated for some men.

Baldness in men is not just related to ageing; other things can cause it to happen. One that you may not realise is how you wear your hair.

Man buns are not new; in fact, they have been around for some time. The things about man buns are that whilst they are not new, many men have had to cope with limited access to their barbers, which has meant that their hair has grown too long and they need to put it up.

The obvious choice for this is the man bun. A hairstyle that has not only become popular with footballers and celebrities but also the everyday man too. Whilst it may seem like a simple fix, what you may not realise is that a man bun can cause your hair to fall out. This may not be an issue in the short-term, but in the long-term, this could be a real problem. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the man bun could cause baldness.

How can man buns cause baldness?

The name for the type of hair loss that those with man buns will suffer is called traction alopecia. It is a type of hair loss that is essentially caused by pulling too hard on your hair and damaging the roots.

When a hair follicle is pulled tightly, such as to gather the hair into a high bun, you will find that it creates tension throughout the entire hair.

Whilst this can cause a short-term hair loss, because you have pulled the hairs out, if this happens on a regular basis, then you may end up finding that your root and follicle is damaged to the point where hair cannot grow through it.

How can I stop my bun causing baldness?

When it comes to traction alopecia, the best solution to stop hair loss is to stop styling your hair in tight hair styles. If you want to make sure that your hair looks as good as it can for as long as it can, then you are going to need to think about the way that you style your hair. Sure, you might like the way that a man bun looks right now, but think about the future of your hair.

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