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Could an FUE hair transplant be the key to a valentines date?

For most men, hair loss is always a top concern. Hair loss is a part of life that most men will have to face, some sooner than others and some will find their hair loss more severe than others. But, it is something almost every man will experience.

When your first notice hair loss it is something you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about. It’s something that is always at the back of your mind, a constant worry. It is sometimes hard to determine how long it will take for your hair loss to become more severe and sometimes your hair loss is might already be fairly severe.

The constant concern of losing your hair can have quite an impact on your life. You might find yourself feeling very conscious about your hair and having no confidence, something that can have a huge impact on your love life.

Today we’re looking into our FUE hair transplant procedure and if it could be the answer to a valentines date.

You’ll feel more confident

At The Harley Street Hair Clinic, we ensure all of our clients have a consultation with us in order to determine the best possible treatment for their hair loss.

During the consultation process, many of our clients tell us that losing their hair has had a huge impact on their lives. Many of our clients feel as if they’ve lost a great deal of confidence since losing their hair and believe that a hair transplant could help to boost it.

We’ve got some amazing success stories and last year we helped a variety of different people restore both their hair and confidence. Many of our clients have told us after their hair transplant they’ve felt happier, younger and more confident.

A boost in confidence can really help your love life. When you feel more confident and happy you’ll be more willing to make an effort when it comes to meeting new people.

A full head of hair could get you more dates

In a recent social experiment, it was highlighted that men with a full head of hair received 75% more attention from the opposite sex. Richard King, 31, a regular Tinder user found out that his FUE hair transplant was landing him more dates.

King created two identical Tinder profiles with two different photos of himself. One profile included King pre-transplant and the other post-transplant. Running the profiles simultaneously King found that he was much more popular with a full head of hair, with a 75% increase in Tinder matches.

The before profile received an already impressive 116 matches. However the after profile landed him a much more impressive 203 matches, all because of his now fuller head of hair.

Facial hair can help too!

Growing a light beard is scientifically backed to make men appear more attractive.

In 2013 a study had 177 men and 351 women look at images of 10 men in four conditions: clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, or full beard. The images were then rated on several different traits, including attractiveness.

The results showed, that women found the most attractive photos to be the ones with heavy stubby (around 10 days of growth). Just 10 days of growing a beard could make you seem more attractive. Easy? Not for everyone.

Some people find growing a beard somewhat challenging, for some, you just can’t grow an even beard and you’ll end up with a rather patchy one. That’s something we can help you with too, with our FUE transplant procedure we can help you achieve the perfect beard, helping you land the date you want this valentines.

If you would like more information on any of our hair loss treatments please contact us today for a no obligation consolation where one of our hair loss specialists will be happy to help.

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