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Natural hair remedies iron

Natural hair remedies is a topic that everyone seems to be interested in, we get an increasing amount of questions about what natural remedies can help with hair loss and what natural products can cure hair loss.

As part of our natural hair remedies series today we’re looking iron tablets and If they can combat hair loss.

What are iron tablets?

Iron tablets are a form of supplement that works to increase the amount of natural mineral iron in the body. The amount of iron the body needs is between 8.7mg and 14.8mg per day, depending on age and sex. For most, you can get this amount of iron in your diet from foods such as liver, meat, nuts, dark-green leafy vegetables, however, some find it easier to take supplements in the form of a tablet.

How can iron help my hair?

Some people can suffer from an iron deficiency called anaemia, this is a condition that occurs when people do not have enough iron in the body, or the body cannot use it properly.

For most, a common side effect of an iron deficiency is hair loss, this is due to iron being an essential component in the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase, which helps cell growth. Hair follicle cells can be particularly sensitive to decreased levels of iron and can struggle to grow new cells as effectively when iron stores are low.

With this in mind, if someone has low iron they could be having issues with hair loss and thinning. Iron tablets are something that can help to boost iron and overtime the effects can help to reverse the effects of hair loss and allow your hair growth cycle to normalise. It is important to remember that having a high intake of iron can have negative impacts on your health, and for this reason, it is not advised to take iron tablets if your only issue is hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss you should visit a GP or a hair loss specialist to ensure you find out the cause of your hair loss, if it isn’t to do with a lack of iron, taking iron supplements will not help.

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