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Treatment type

FUE Eyebrow Transplant
Treatment date

February 21, 2022

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Liz has struggled with very thin and sparse brows since she overplucked them in the 70s. As some may be familiar with, it was the fashion to have thin eyebrows – something that a lot of women have then had to carry with them through their later life due to the eyebrows unfortunately never growing back. As Liz said herself, the problem with this is fashion changes and sadly her brows could not keep up.

“I want to look more natural. I want to get out of the shower and be ready to face the day, not spend hours scribbling on my face.”

Liz was not a newcomer to treatments to attempt to restore her brows, she has tried semi-permanent make-up, which she felt after a few months faded to an unbecoming purple shade and had to continually be done again.

“No matter what you do, you come back to the problem of maintenance. Even micro-blading needs expensive topping up. It won’t last forever.”

Liz was searching for a long term solution that did not involve having to book frequent top-up appointments. Visiting the Harley Street Hair Clinic,  we introduced Liz to our cutting edge eyebrow restoration treatment. The treatment works in a similar way to our FUE hair transplantation by taking donor hair from the back of the head and transplanting it to the eyebrow to help achieve fuller brows – that does not require top-up appointments.

Our surgeon transplanted 400 hair from the back of the scalp to restore Liz’s eyebrows to a size and shape that flattered her face. You can immediately see the results and how we have restored a natural but fuller looking brow. We can’t wait to get Liz back into the clinic in a few months to see how her brows are getting on.

“I think my brows are stunning. Not as straight as Cara Delevingne’s, as the surgeon will only give you brows that suit your face. But it’s such a relief not to have to draw them in every morning.”

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