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FUE Hair Transplant
Treatment date July 1, 2020
Classification Norwood
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William noticed in his early 40s that his hairline was starting to recede. At the time it wasn’t a big issue for him, but after a friend made a passing comment he decided that it was time to consider his hair restoration options.

This was all done here at The Harley Street Hair Clinic… it’s wonderful!

After carrying out extensive research William decided that The Harley Street Hair Clinic was the best fit for him. One of his friends had recently had a procedure with us and was delighted with his results and recommended that William visit the clinic for an initial consultation.

London’s the place. When you walk in it’s clean, they were welcoming, it was professional, the set up is second to none, and the results

We’re grateful to William for sharing his hair transplant journey with us. To hear his full story and to see his before and after images please watch his case study video below.


“It will work wonders for your confidence”

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