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Can I colour my hair after a hair transplant?

As with any medical procedure, after getting your hair transplant you’ll have a lot of different questions. Today we’re answering one frequent question ‘Can I colour my hair after a transplant?’ We’ll also be looking at when you should visit the hairdressers.

Do I need to treat my hair transplanted hair different?

During an FUE hair transplant, one of our specialised doctors will remove hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp, this is usually found at the back and side of the scalp where the hair is fuller. The hair follicles are removed with a specialised extraction tool, which is no bigger than 1.0mm in diameter, the hair follicles are the prepared under a microscope ready to be transplanted.

The hair follicles that have been removed are now ready to be transplanted to the recipient area, this is the area of the scalp where the hair is thinning. Your doctor will puncture the scalp with the use of a specialist micro surgical needle, the grafts are then placed at an angle and density to resemble a natural and realistic hair pattern.

The procedure involves transplanting hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another, with this in mind it is important to remember that the hair follicles will have the same properties and act the same as they did before the hair transplant. This means you do not need to treat your hair transplanted hair any different to your ‘normal’ hair once your transplant has healed.

Can I colour my transplanted hair?

As discussed above, your transplanted hair will have the same characteristics that it did before your procedure. If you coloured your hair pre-transplant, you’ll be fine to continue colouring it post hair transplant.  Once your hair transplant is fully healed (7-14 days) and your hair starts to grow back though at around 3 months you’ll be fine to continue to dye your hair transplanted hair.

When should I visit the hairdressers?

Once your hair and scalp have settled down and healed you will soon start to see your new hair beginning to grow it can be a very exciting time, and we know you’ll be eager to get to the hairdressers and get your hair styled as soon as possible.

The results from your hair transplant will start to show after around three months post-transplant, and you can expect to see your full results at around 12 months. Deciding when to go to the hairdressers is going to be down to personal preference, we advise you to wait until your hair transplant is heled, at around two – three weeks at least, and then when you start to see growth and feel like you want to get a little trim that is down to you!

If you have any question about our hair transplant procedures please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.


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