• Our latest FUE hair transplant results

    Our latest FUE hair transplant results

    At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we’re always working on a verity of different clients and producing amazing hair transplant results. We think it is very important to showcase our results, this allows potential clients to see what we can achieve.

    Today we’re going to show you a handful of our latest FUE hair transplant results.

    Theo’s hair transplant results

    Theo’s Hair Transplant Story – 2 Year Result from Harley Street Hair Clinic on Vimeo.

    Theo, a hairdresser, from London came to the clinic around two years ago after he felt his hair wasn’t as full as it used to be. He began to notice that his hairline was starting to recede after looking through photographs of himself from a few years ago. He continued to notice his hair loss every time he saw a photo of himself from an event.

    As a hair dresser his initial instinct was to attempt to cover it up as well as he could. However, after a while of failing to disguise his receding hairline, Theo decided to look into hair restoration procedures. After his consultation with our hair loss specialists, Theo decided that getting an FUE hair transplant was his best option.

    We recently visited Theo to take a look at his hair transplant results two years on. Since having his hair transplant Theo hasn’t had to think about his hair, which is a lovely feeling. Theo found the process painless, quick and said that it was a relaxing experience. Most importantly, Theo now feels so happy and content after the changes he has seen in his hair.

    Martin’s hair transplant results

    Martin’s Hair Transplant Story – 1 Year Result from Harley Street Hair Clinic on Vimeo.

    Martin, a performer and writer, visited the clinic just over a year ago he was turning 50 and felt that his receding hair was the one thing that aged him. Martin felt that his hair was affecting his confidence. He first started losing his hair in his 20s, and by his 30s he felt it had settled in and that was it for his hair, a part of life that he couldn’t change.

    Martin began to research hair transplants and once he discovered that the procedure was permanent and decided to come to the Harley Street Hair Clinic for a consultation. After toying with many different temporary fixes he expressed that finally getting a hair transplant was the single best thing he had ever done. The results from his hair transplant are amazing, and he was so pleased with how the hair transplant made him feel. Martin has expressed how his hair transplant was life changing and he would recommend it to anyone.

    Sean’s hair transplant results

    Sean’s hair transplant result after 2 weeks from Harley Street Hair Clinic on Vimeo.

    Sean, a fashion photographer visited us a while ago after his hair was gradually thinning. He began to feel as if he only had half a head of hair. He wanted to have a head of hair that he did not have to worry about. His father had a hair transplant a number of years ago, and after seeing how good his hair still looked, Sean, decided it was time to go ahead and have a hair transplant himself.

    During his consultation our hair loss specialists worked with Sean to decide on the placement of his new hairline, ready for him to go ahead with his transplant. Sean is two weeks on from his hair transplant and he has not had any pain since the procedure, and the aftercare has been fine.

    Sean wished that he had his hair transplant sooner, after visiting the clinic over two years ago for a consultation and returning this year. We can already see how Sean’s new hairline is mapped out and within a few months, he’ll be able to see some amazing results.

    If you would like any information about any of our hair restoration procedures please contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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