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Hair transplant cost: The truth

Cost is one of the biggest factors when it comes to getting a hair transplant. It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. There are a lot of different prices floating around on the Internet, and this is why we’re always asked ‘how much does a hair transplant cost?’

There isn’t one simple answer to the question but today we’re going to talk about the different factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant.

The cost of a Hair Transplant at the Harley Street Hair Clinic

As we’ve said above, there isn’t one simple answer to how much a hair transplant is going to cost. We won’t be able to tell you the cost of your hair transplant over the phone without seeing your hair, and you won’t be able to ask how much your friend’s hair transplant was, even if you think your hair looked the same because the price could be totally different.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we like our clients to know exactly what to expect, and that’s including the cost. We want you to know the true cost of your hair transplant and we have no hidden prices. We have a detailed cost page on our website that can help give you an average cost of your transplant before you visit.

The cost of your hair transplant can vary depending on if you need 1 or 2 sessions and how many hair grafts you need, our hair graft calculator can help you work our the estimated hair grafts you’ll need.

Depending on the above information your hair transplant with us can be anywhere between £3,000 and £15,000. The best way to work out the real cost of your hair transplant is to book a consultation with us.

How do you work out the cost of my hair transplant?

Once you’ve enquired about a hair transplant we’ll invite you down to the clinic for a no obligation consultation. During this consultation, we’ll be able to look at your hair and work out the cost of your treatment.

First of all, we’ll assess your current hair loss and decide what you want to achieve with a hair transplant, this could be working towards a more defined hairline, or working on an area of thinning hair that needs some thickness. Once we’ve assessed your hair loss we’ll be able to work out how many grafts of hair you will need to be transplanted, and how many sessions you’ll need. With this information, we can work out the true cost of your hair transplant.

We’re all about honesty and because of this we always go one step further with our consultations and look into future hair loss. In some cases, we work with clients who have a receding hairline, as you age you can start to lose hair in other areas of your head, such as the top of the scalp. We always take this into consideration and tell you if we think you’ll need another procedure in the future. This way, you know the cost for your first transplant, and an estimated cost if you need a second.

Can you advise me on the cost of other treatments?

When you come to the clinic for your consultation we’ll assess your hair loss situation and advise you of the best treatment for you. Sometimes we have clients who come to the clinic for a hair transplant but are sometimes more suited to our other treatments such as Advanced Trichio Pigmentation (ATP).

We like to be 100% transparent with out clients and when you come to the clinic we’ll advise you on the best treatment for you and work with you to price up each treatment to meet your needs.

If you would like some more information on our treatments or would like to book in for a consultation please contact us today.

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