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Man With Hair Transplant Mapped Out

Ed’s hair transplant story

Tired of hiding his receding hairline, fashion and lifestyle blogger Ed visited us earlier this year to find…

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Brexit Has Caused The UK’s Cosmetic Surgery Sector To Boom

Brexit has caused the UK’s cosmetic surgery sector to boom

As we drew closer and closer to the Brexit vote, many economists were predicting the…

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Middle Aged Men

Movember? Mo Hair, Mo Problems

November is one of the most important months of the year for men. Famously referred…

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HSHC Office

My ATP Eyebrow Tattoo Experience

Advanced Trico Pigmentation (ATP) is a revolutionary treatment offered at The Harley Street Hair Clinic,…

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Woman Swimming

Post Procedure Questions

Getting a hair transplant is a relatively big deal for a lot of people and…

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Photo  Dfbffb

The Real Cost Of Cheap Hair Transplants Abroad

We are all familiar with the growing number of adverts online, on the tube and…

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Photo  Bcae

Did Caitlyn Jenner have a hair transplant?

Previously receding hairline Before coming out as transgender, Caitlyn Jenner – then known as Bruce…

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Photo  Fafca

Facial Hair Loss: Are You Damaging Your Facial Hair?

Everyone knows about how careful we must be with the hair on our head, but…

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Photo  Cbff

Can depression lead to hair loss?

Our physical and psychological state is well connected with hair loss, seeing that factors such…

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Hannah Busing

How to style your balding hair

If you are worried that your thinning hair has started to show, you don’t need…

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Christoffer Engstrom

Harley Street Hair Clinic’s Beard Grooming Guide

Autumn has arrived for good and all the fashion houses have predicted that beards are…

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Photo  Adcaee

Hair Plugs VS Hair Transplant

If you are currently looking at the battle of hair plugs vs transplant, this guide…

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Photo  Ccc

Are beard transplants the new hair transplant?

The trend for hair transplants has gone through the roof since famous faces such as…

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Photo  Aba

6 myths in female hair loss

Hair loss is very common in both men and women and can be caused for…

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Photo  Cacddfce

Who Is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Right For?

Advanced tricho pigmentation is a great treatment for a variety of clients. The treatment can…

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